Hello and welcome to Datura, your place for online belly dance and fitness classes.

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Why Datura Online?

If you are interested in belly dance, Datura Online is an amazing resource. If you are busy, don't have a teacher, are on a budget, no matter! These won't hold you back anymore. Datura Online allows you to stream a multitude of classes with some of the best teachers in belly dance, whenever you can, for a price you can handle.

How do I access videos on Datura Online?

You can rent individual classes or activate an unlimited membership for access to our entire growing library of hundreds of belly dance and conditioning videos. If it's your first time, click on any class for a free preview.

Can I watch Datura Online classes on my phone or mobile device?

Sure! You can watch on your iPad or iPhone or many other mobile devices. A fast connection helps, of course, so if you can connect with Wifi, you'll have the best results. Press that arrow and think of someone you love. The dancing will magically commence. You can also access Datura via our apps on iPhone, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku, and FireTV!

What does it cost to take class on Datura Online?

There are two ways to gain access to the videos. One option is "a la carte", by renting just the videos you want starting, or you can activate an unlimited access membership for access to hours and hours of classes in our video library. Content is added regularly, so dive in!

An unlimited access membership is $25 per month, and prices for individual rentals start at just $0.99!

Where are the videos I rented?

As a renter, you can access rented videos in the 'My Rentals' page through 'My Account', or you can navigate to the video you rented to view it anytime.

With an unlimited access membership, you can watch all videos on the site immediately after joining. Your favorite videos can be added to your favorites list, easily accessible at the top of your explore page.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a few free classes for you when you sign up for an account! You get access to these free classes in your "My Library". You have access to these free classes forever.

How do I get started?

There are several quick and easy ways to get started. Follow the steps below:

1) Hover over the menu bar (at the top of each page) to see your options for selecting videos. You can search a few different ways, by teacher or by style, or you can explore categories on the explore page.

2) Once you narrow down your choices and pick something from the drop down menu or the catalog, you can click "Filter" to get more specific.

3) When you see a class you'd like to take, click on the video for a short preview. 

4) To watch the full video, you can rent the video or subscribe. Follow the simple steps to register and make your payment and, voila! Your virtual teacher is ready. No matter what you do, she’ll always be nice to you, will smile at you, and will offer inspiring suggestions.

With these search functions, It's easy to access a warm up from one teacher, try a choreography from another, and end with a deep yoga stretch from yet another! So explore!

What if I have a promotional code?

Well, first of all, congratulations! You can enter your promo code when you're ready to check out.

My internet connection is slow, will I still get to dance?

The streaming rate of our videos dynamically adjusts to the speed of your internet connection. We suggest a minimum download connection speed of 500Kbps per second. The higher the speed, the higher the video quality. If you're unsure of your data rate, check with your internet service provider. You can also check your connection speed at a site like Speedtest.net.

For optimal playback you may want to close any additional open web browser pages/tabs and close programs that are downloading or uploading data while watching your videos.

What are the technical requirements to watch videos at DaturaOnline.com?

In general if you have a computer or device that can display YouTube videos without waiting ages for them to load, then you should be able to see Datura Online videos. A good way to test your computer and internet connection is by watching the free preview videos. If you can watch them smoothly, then you'll likely be able to watch our videos also.

I love the music used in class, can I buy it?

Sure! In the description of each video you'll find a list of the music available for purchase. Click on the song you'd like to purchase and you'll be taken to the artist's Bandcamp or Apple Music store to buy it.

How do I view classes in full screen?

In the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll find a little icon that will expand the video to full screen. Press ESC to return to your browser.

How do I turn up the volume?

Also on the bottom right of the player is a small volume adjustment thing.

Is my payment information secure?

Of course full safety and security for online payments is essential. That’s why all sensitive payment information is protected with an encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a high-grade encryption algorithm. Your credit card information is encrypted and stored in a separate and secure billing system managed by PayPal.

How do I update my info or change my password?

Updating your account info is as easy as signing in, clicking on "My Profile", and updating your info. If you lost your password, you can reset it through the sign in page.

How do I cancel my monthly or annual unlimited access membership?

To cancel your recurring membership payments, login and then go to the "My Profile" link at the top of any page. You can cancel your unlimited access monthly or annual membership by clicking on 'cancel' on your membership record.

Do I get a refund for any remaining time if I cancel my unlimited access membership?

When you join for a recurring monthly membership, you are paying for access to the site for 30 days from your payment date. If you cancel your unlimited access membership during your 30 day cycle, you will still have the rest of your prepaid time to use the site, so go crazy! You won't be billed again at the next cycle. Same goes for the annual membership! If you cancel your annual unlimited access membership at any point during the year long cycle, you will still have the rest of your prepaid time to use the site.

Can I attend classes at the Datura studio?

Please do! We offer several classes per week with our Datura teachers in Portland, Oregon. Currently the regular weekly classes aren't filmed so don't worry if you're camera shy. For a class schedule, go to www.studiodatura.com.

Can I download classes?

With the Datura app on iPhone or Android, you can download classes within the app for offline access!

How long to classes stay in your library?

All classes added to Datura Online stay in our library, so the site gets better all the time!

Can I share my unlimited access membership or rental with someone else?

Sometimes you might practice with a friend, which can be a fun way to use Datura Online. However, sharing logins and their associated unlimited access memberships or rentals will result in account cancelation. Your account information, including your login is for the use of one person and cannot be shared. Thanks for your understanding!

Can I teach on Datura Online?

We currently are not looking for new teachers for Datura Online, but we do love suggestions. If you have anyone you'd like to recommend for Datura Online, you can always feel free to let us know.

Can I perform any of the choreographies I learn on Datura Online in public?

Absolutely! Our DO teachers create choreographies so you can perform them in the real world! If possible we just ask that you give the teachers credit for their work. Otherwise, go for it! And if you get pictures or video, we'd love to see! You can tag us on Facebook as Datura Online or on Instagram @thedaturaonline.

Can I make a suggestion for what I'd like to see on Datura Online?

Absolutely! We love suggestions and feedback as they help us to make Datura Online better for everyone. You can send your suggestions and feedback to the Datura Online Help Desk anytime!

Do the views and opinions in the feature films and in teacher's classes reflect the views of Datura Online?

The views and opinions expressed by the teachers and/or in feature films are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Datura Online.