Classic Songs for Belly Dancers to Learn!

Classic Songs for Belly Dancers to Learn!

Here you'll find a collection of tunes that every belly dancer should learn! You'll hear these classic songs at belly dance events, you'll hear renditions and remixes of these songs, and you might even dance to different versions of these songs!

Zaina: An Original Raqs Sharqi Choreography

In this sweet choreography, Henna shares a zil composition and movements that highlight the classic belly dance tune, "Zaina". Working with different zil sounds, patterns, and accents, you'll pair your cymbals with undulations, hipwork, traveling patterns, and arm frames to get you comfortable dancing with your musical instrument. Grab your zils and get ready to dance!

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Jemilleh: a Classic American Cabaret Floorwork Choreography by Sedona

A traditional American Cabaret Floorwork Choreography to John Bilezikjian's "Jemilleh", this choreography showcases some of American Cabaret's most popular floorwork movements, such as the layered side layout, seated turn, and knee sit, as well as standing movements and classic Belly Dance poses and postures.

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Tamra Henna: A Golden Era Choreography with Heather Louise

This is an original Raqs Sharqi choreography from Heather Louise that is heavily inspired by the Golden Era of Egyptian belly dance. With movements inspired by Naima Akef, Tahiyya Carioca, and Samia Gamal, this choreography includes juicy hipwork, fun floor patterns, and the charisma of the Golden Era stars. Heather includes historical context and a music listening exercise, so you can truly become familiar with the classic belly dance song, Tamra Henna.

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Alf Leyla wa Leyla: Livestream Choreography Series with Heather Louise

Let's do a deep dive into a classic song you'll find in Raqs Sharqi, "Alf Leyla wa Leyla" (One Thousand and One Nights). Originally composed by Baligh Hamdi, with lyrics by Morsi Gamil Aziz, and sung by Oum Kalthoum, the version we will be listening and dancing to is by the Cairo Orchestra.

Learn Alf Leyla wa Leyla

Lamma Bada: Lyrics & Singing

In this 2-class series Amel Tafsout will teach you about the classic song you will often hear in Belly Dance repertoire, "Lamma Bada".

"Lamma Bada Yatathanna" is a song from the Arabic Muwashshah poetry and musical genre, most likely dating back to the 14th century. The poetry of the lyrics are some of the most famous of their time. This piece is a 10/8 time signature and is in the maqam Nahawand.

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