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Urban Fusion: Throwback Style!

Teacher: Ebony Qualls

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2018-03-19 18:01:44 2018-03-19 19:01:44 America/Los_Angeles Urban Fusion: Throwback Style! Urban Fusion: Throwback Style! https://daturaonline.com/urban-fusion-throwback-style https://daturaonline.com/urban-fusion-throwback-style

Video Description: In this workshop you'll discover Ebony's fun and unique take on Tribal Fusion belly dance, influenced by urban styles found in hip hop, retro funk popping, and movements rooted in Raqs Sharki dance. You'll work on isolating movements, unusual undulations, and some complex and exciting footwork. Please be sure to warm up before taking this class and cool down afterwards.

Fusion Drills Technique Combinations Improvisation Footwork Shimmies Hipwork Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Cardio 00:47:45

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Crazy Fun by Noelle on 2/17/18

This is the stuff I've been waiting for. I'm not 100% perfect yet but I can't help getting carried away and having fun. Thanks for the class, please do some more!

Great Teacher and Class by VivianB on 2/7/18

Ebony is a great teacher. All the moves were instructed so clearly and broken down so I could understand how to do them in my body. Thanks!

Fab! by Lori on 1/25/18

Had so much fun with this class I didn't even realise the 47 minutes were done when they were. Would love to see more classes from Ebony! Maybe a 45- or 60-minute drills video practising these moves and more?? Thank you for this wonderful class!

Yep, my feet are happy! by myca on 1/23/18

Super fun, it really bridged the gap between freestyle and structured dance. As always, need to keep working on those snake arms! Would love to see more urban fusion here on Datura...thanks Ebony!

w_o_w by Zey Kaija on 1/8/18

This class is awesome! AWESOME! :))))))

happy to move like ebony by candace on 1/5/18

so happy to see ebony on here teaching. learning to move like her is very inspiring.

So much fun! by Sophia Ravenna on 1/2/18

This was a great challenge! I hope we'll get some shorter highlight vids from this because I could definitely use a focus on the Happy Feet.

Awesome indeed! by Milica on 1/1/18

Ebony is such an amazing teacher. I absolutely love this class. Fresh dance inspiration for 2018 (:

AWESOME!! by Zoe on 1/1/18

The most perfect class, i feel like every segment of my body did something totally foreign and LOVED it!
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