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The Balancing Act

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2018-03-19 18:11:22 2018-03-19 19:11:22 America/Los_Angeles The Balancing Act The Balancing Act https://daturaonline.com/the-balancing-act https://daturaonline.com/the-balancing-act

Video Description: Learn the 5 sections of a balancing routine in this short and simple Fusion Belly Dance choreography. This includes level changes, touches briefly on floorwork, gives a few turns to play with, and has a combination or two while balancing your item of choice. Make sure you're warmed up for this one, especially in the legs. Enjoy!

Fusion Any Style Technique Footwork Props Floorwork Legs Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:32:44

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Less is more by Rena on 1/24/17

You are a great inspiration, I loved how easy you make it look and the chunks and section divisions is now my favorite part when I am learning. Thank you so much!

Music? by Kaz on 6/16/16

Love this! Hoping to chase the track/s down.... anyone know which ones were used?

LOVED IT by Omega on 2/25/16

Needed to spice up my balancing routines and this was great inspiration. Also I found tray worked really well for me for the prop.

Miss by Kat on 8/2/15

I love practicing this! Beautiful and easy to follow! I would love to perform it but I'm wondering what else I can balance at this point except for a sword as it just won't stay:^ im thinking a pot but if someone has any other suggestions thank u for sharing

Nuch by Penpak on 4/27/13

Oh my god, I love it, first time for this dance style for me. Hope I can perform soon :-)

Skateboard turn by Lenka on 2/23/13

I think this explanation and comparison to riding a skateboard is super helpful.

Miss. by Jennifer on 1/8/13

Hehe :) I have that book!

great by Zh909 on 12/6/12

that is realy great! left me wanting moremoremore!!
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