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The 3/4 Shimmy with Ashley Lopez

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2018-03-19 18:11:05 2018-03-19 19:11:05 America/Los_Angeles The 3/4 Shimmy with Ashley Lopez The 3/4 Shimmy with Ashley Lopez https://daturaonline.com/the-3-4-shimmy https://daturaonline.com/the-3-4-shimmy

Video Description: This Fusion Belly Dance workshop is designed to give the beginning or intermediate belly dancer a foundation for traveling with 3/4 shimmies. In this workshop, we’ll break down the basic 3/4 shimmy, focusing on an even pacing and smooth execution. Pilates mat work, isolation drills, and balance exercise will help to prepare the dancer for the movement. This video includes a basic traveling combination to exercise traveling forward, back, and to the sides. Great for beginning to experienced dancers looking to drill the 3/4 shimmy.

Fusion Technique Fundamentals Hips Footwork Vocabulary Shimmies Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools 01:21:00

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shimmy up! by Rosa on 11/8/14

Thank you so much for this class, i've had a struggle with understanding 3/4 quarter shimmies and this workshop totally cleared things up. I also like all of your yoga and pilates instructions for the combining of efficiency and concentration - i feel like i'm pushing myself to do more but in a centered way.

Even Steven Shimmy by V on 1/21/14

Thanks Ashley! Keeping it even has helped me so much with achieving the 3/4 shimmy. The class is put together really well and I love you calm and humble teaching style. Highly recommend this class!! :0)

Answer for Doe by Lopinator on 1/25/13

Hi Doe! Great question, and sharp eye! Yes, simply put, in this particular video I'm focusing only on the "up-down-up" and "down-up-down" variations of the 3/4 shimmy. In the other video that I do, 3/4 Variations & Layers, I show different kinds of 3/4 shimmies, including one that could be described as an "out-down-up" or, a larger accent on the first of the 3 hip movements. For a more thorough explanation, the even "up-down-up" that I do in this particular video lacks two things: 1) an accent 2) any sliding movement of the hips to the side (the "out" hip.) This basic 3/4 is powered primarily by the quadratus lumborum (aka the "Q.L." which attaches at the top of your pelvis in the back and at your lumbar vertebrae) and the internal & external oblique abdominals. In the second video that I do--3/4 variations and layers--we do explore the "out-and-up" a bit; I call it an accent on the "one." To make this accent, the legs and glutes work (with the Q.L. and obliques) a little more to create more power that pushes the hip out laterally a bit. This is the same way Tahitians do their hip locks (which is why it looks like they're swaying), you really power more from the feet, and I personally prefer a flat foot position for that variation as opposed to the relevé presented here. I think I've heard Rachel refer to this as the "shutting the car door" hip movement. That's a nice visual! Hope that helps, and keep up the excellent work, guys!!! xo A

Different Styles? by Doe on 1/2/13

I love the way you explain this challenging shimmy. I do have a question, Ashley and I work every Wednesday so have not been able to make it to the "professor is in" on Facebook. I first tried to learn this last year with a beginner DVD on the 3/4 shimmy. She explained the 3/4 shimmy as "swing-up-down" or "out-up-down". The shimmy you teach us is even "up-down-up". I am wondering if this is a different type of shimmy- like the knee shimmy vs hip shimmy using glutes or obliques or a different style? Thanks so much. I am loving your classes so much. This years goal is to stop hitting pause, when I am tired, but just slow down a bit, but keep going and learn to push through.

Shimmy! by Fi on 11/15/12

Couldnt make it through all of this class, going to take me a while to get the strength up in my hips, the beginning floor exercise made me realise just how much work i have to do since having children... But i am up for it and plan to do that segment every morning now to build up the strength in my hips :) Thanks for the workshop its great! Will be a good test to see when i can get through it!

Persistence pays off by Rachel O. on 10/9/12

Hard work, this one, but I'm starting to see improved articulation in my hips. Many thanks Ashley!

Powerful workshop by CYNTHIA on 9/18/12

Really works the hips and shimmies!!

Killer workshop! by Tanya on 8/15/12

Just did my first class with Ashley López, this killer 3/4 shimmy workshop. So excited, love the format. Thank you so much!

3/4 shimmy w/ Ashley Lopez by Angie on 8/14/12

Great stuff! Shimmied yesterday til it hurt!
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