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Amy Sigil

Amy Sigil

Amy is known for traveling the world infecting each city with her signature Sigil Style; building communities of hard work, heart, and a lot of fun! Amy's dance “classroom” is better described as a “gym”. A born athlete, dance is her language and movement is survival. When taking class with her, expect a full body experience. Never give up, never settle. “Fate Favors the Risky”.

Amy has been creating & building on her Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) vocabulary for the last 10 years, and building her ITS community around the world. Amy shares some of her ITS work here with the breakdown of her Slow ITS format; getting you used to basic moves and transitions so you are ready for the quickness that is Sigil Style!

More about Amy, including her teaching schedule at http://www.unmata.com.

For a sample performance video of Amy and UNMATA's ITS check out the Performance Videos page.

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