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Henna was born in Hawaii, where she spent her formative years, and where music, dance, and culture are closely tied and deeply valued. She would not experience this intrinsic link between culture, song, and dance again until taking bellydance classes as a student at Portland State University.  She credits her first teachers, Aziza and Magidah, with laying a solid foundation in technique and nurturing a love for Egyptian music.

An avid traveler and student, Henna's dance blossomed during her four years in Tokyo, Japan. Dancing full time, producing shows with Deseos Productions, and studying with as many visiting dancers as possible, Henna immersed herself in bellydance - even expanding into Tribal Fusion. Since her return to Portland, Henna has completed Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Cultivation training, collaborated with local professional dancers, and developed an inspiring relationship with the Middle Eastern band, Ritim Egzotik. She is passionate about sharing this wonderful art and considers herself a lifelong student of Middle Eastern music and dance.

For more information about Henna, visit her website: http://hennadances.com/

For a sample performance video with Henna check out the Performance Videos page.

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