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Sublime Veil Technique and Choreography

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2018-03-19 18:11:14 2018-03-19 19:11:14 America/Los_Angeles Sublime Veil Technique and Choreography Sublime Veil Technique and Choreography https://daturaonline.com/sublime-veil-technique-and-choreography https://daturaonline.com/sublime-veil-technique-and-choreography

Video Description: In this workshop we will focus on belly dance’s most classic prop, the veil. You will get clear and concise breakdowns of veil posture, technique, and 20 unique movements and variations. All of the movements can stand on their or own or seam together to create a lovely 20 part veil choreography.

This American Cabaret Style workshop includes a warm-up specifically targeting arms, hands, wrists, upper back, shoulders and ribcage as well as commentary on using your veil as a theatrical prop and recovering from veil snafus.

American Cabaret Any Style Technique Choreography Arms + Hands Shoulders Props Body Region Movement Elements 01:03:36

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Thank you! by Sabine on 9/17/17

Love how much information you fit into the video. I haven't used a veil in yeeears but getting back to It was really fun! Thanks so much!

Excellent by Celestina on 9/15/16

I've been dancing for over 10 years. I was so delighted to find so much new info here. Fantastic content. Worth a month's membership fee just for this video. Thanks Sedona!

Glad you liked it! by Sedona on 4/26/13

So good to hear, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Great Veil!! by Joëlle on 10/4/12

Fantastic, I was wondering where I could grab some new veil movement, thank you so much! It's really well explained :)
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