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Standing Warm Up

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2018-03-19 18:12:21 2018-03-19 19:12:21 America/Los_Angeles Standing Warm Up Standing Warm Up https://daturaonline.com/standing-warm-up https://daturaonline.com/standing-warm-up

Video Description: This brief, simple belly dance warm up requires no mat, and is designed to warm up the legs, arms, abdominals, and back. This spotlight is from Ashley's Tribal Fusion workshop: "3/4 Shimmy Variations & Layers".

Any Style Pilates Warm Up Conditioning Stretch + Strengthen Body Region 00:06:22

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perfect by Shahra on 12/19/16

I dig all your little body blast warm-ups. In a time-pressured world, these are fabulous! Quick and effective. Gets the blood pumping and helps one get started on rehearsing!

Favorite! by Flissy Saucier on 8/9/16

This is my favorite warm up for when I only have a short time to practice and I need someone to tell me to do so I can get started and get to work. It's so simple and efficient!

Heh by Ellie on 6/26/13

I really like this, because sometimes my floor is kinda gross. I would rather dance than clean. :)

prep for floor and levels by Heather on 8/14/12

Just finished the standing warm-up with Ashley López and Rachel's balancing act choreo for 45 minutes of brand new stuffs! PS This warm-up is a very efficient prep for floor and levels. Datura online just might be my savior!
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