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Rib Up Study: Full Practice

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2018-03-19 18:04:04 2018-03-19 19:04:04 America/Los_Angeles Rib Up Study: Full Practice Rib Up Study: Full Practice https://daturaonline.com/rib-up-study-full-practice https://daturaonline.com/rib-up-study-full-practice

Video Description: This is the full Rib Up Study, a condensed practice that details many of the isolations that start in the rib cage for Datura's Vocabulary. This practice will help you develop (and then keep) clean and sharp technique for improvisation and choreography. Be sure you've learned or reviewed these movements carefully to get the most out of this practice and go at your own pace. If you need more information about a movement please visit the full "Rib Up Study: Datura Style™ Technique" workshop or fundamental videos that detail the movements featured in this study.

Fusion Any Style Datura Style™ Drills Technique Combinations Fundamentals Shoulders Ribs + Chest Back Footwork Vocabulary Belly Isolations Undulations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:12:31

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Thank you Rachel!! by Nathalia Velásquez on 1/12/18

This studies are amazing, I would really like to see more of this in Datura <3

One of my favorite videos by Nathalia Velásquez on 12/13/17

Rachel thank you so much! this studies are amazing I really feel I improve everytime I rewatch them <3 <3

Rachel Brice:

Aw fantastic! Thank you for letting me know!

The Book challenge by Paula Stowers on 9/27/17

I finally added a book. What a crazy focus challenge! I was soooo aware of my undulations and body waves ! I miss ya teach!!!

Rachel Brice:

Right? THE BOOK. That chin just loves to nod.

Drill, baby, drill! by Elle on 8/31/17

I loved this when it was introduced at 8 Elements Initiation, and I love love love having it to revisit on Datura! Still so enjoyable and challenging after two years! <3 Thanks, DO!

Rachel Brice:

So glad you're still enjoying it! It's still a challenge for me as well!

Timing by Dary Herrera on 6/19/17

Hello Rachel, I love this practice, I am having a little difficulty with the timing on my arms, or I go to fast or to slow hahaha, but I will get there in some point, I love your classes!!!

I can see the light by Sive Fuxia on 3/28/17

Some months ago I was diagnosed Fibromyalgia after struggle and pain and wrong diagnosis. It is so hard to me to make long practice or class but I don't want to stop dancing and teaching. I was lost and confused. Today I decided to try to do something and choose this video because it was short. After drilling it I was crying for gratitude and happiness, I still can dance. Thanks Rachel, you are such an inspiration since many years, and still are and will be!

Fabulous by Nadia on 12/30/16

I love this practice! Fun and challenging

Rachel Brice:

Thanks Nadia!

Just Right! by Phoenix Dancer on 12/12/16

I love how this practice was quick but packed some challenging movements onto different timings and steps but was wonderfully spaced with a little yoga break in between! I love that! It's part of what I liked about Serpentine too! There have been dvds I have practiced to and there was no break, so you just keep going but then by the end you really feel it getting into your back and even the top of your feet and front of your ankles. I totally don't have that problem with your videos which makes it easier for me to get a thorough practice the next day!

Rachel Brice:

Awesome, music to my ears, thank you so much for posting!

Beautiful! by Catanya on 10/18/16

I love this study! Way to go!

Yay Spotlights! by Joanna Ashleigh on 10/1/16

Thanks for the spotlight DO! Just did it, now this Datura Teacher is off to teach it! <3. Love y'all. <3.

Rib up study by Paula Stowers on 9/29/16

Thank you Rachel for the Rib Up Study! I'm rolling all in my sweet spot with this practice :)

Rachel Brice:

Heck yes, sister! Love the sweetspot for sure. Thank you for posting!

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