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The Subtle Art: Relaxed and Layered Shimmies

Teacher: Tamalyn Dallal

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2018-02-20 07:31:41 2018-02-20 08:31:41 America/Los_Angeles The Subtle Art: Relaxed and Layered Shimmies The Subtle Art: Relaxed and Layered Shimmies https://daturaonline.com/relaxed-and-layered-shimmies https://daturaonline.com/relaxed-and-layered-shimmies

Video Description: This belly dance workshop explores the art of relaxed and controlled shimmies and dramatic shimmy layering. During part one, Tamalyn will teach how to shimmy at different speeds, how to slow down and control shimmies, and how changing the distribution of your weight can prepare you for shimmy layers. During the second part shimmies are layered onto slow movements including hip slides, circles, undulations, and figure 8s.

American Cabaret Any Style Technique Fundamentals Improvisation Hips Footwork Isolations Shimmies Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:33:07

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Thank you!!! by Nikkiloveslife on 6/29/17

I needed that! Great video! It helped me get my groove back <3

THANK YOU!!! by Michelle on 3/9/17

Thank you Tamalyn! I've been struggling with developing a strong shimmy and you are the first teacher to give me that much needed break through! The combination of your instruction and drill technique is perfectly balanced and easy to understand and "translate" to my body. I've seen improvement in just a few sessions. This will absolutely go in my daily drills! <3

Great help by Amy Jo on 1/16/16

The difficult speeds between very slow and TURBO are the ones that Tamalyn addresses - full time and double time, yet still relaxed. Focusing on those speeds makes this class so useful. Tamalyn also clearly describes the two shimmies she's focusing on - the straight legged (Egyptian) shimmy and the bent knee shimmy. She gives a neat little drill for shifting back and forth between the two to make sure they feel and look different before moving on. After addressing some drills that will help with shifting weight and keeping the shimmy steady, she progresses to layering. A great class I know I'll come back to again and again!

WOW!!! by Megan on 12/4/15

This is going straight into my weekly routine! Thank you!

Great Instructor!!! by Alecto on 3/29/15

I love her and her instructions!!! She is very soothing and goes at a smoother, more relaxed pace. I don't feel too overwhelmed, and she hits on really important movements that most dancers would love to perfect! <3

Clarity! by Wendy on 1/9/15

Wow! Amazing ...I finally understand the knee shimmy. The in house classes I took worked more with hip shimmies since I was a beginner. I didn't get a chance to really learn the knee shimmy. Now, I have complete clarity. A fun and challenging class. Thank you Tamalyn!

<3 by Rosa on 11/1/14

Shimmies and weight shifts from one leg to another have been quite a challenge, and this lesson clarified a lot to me! Thank you!

What a challenging class! by Delphine on 5/12/14

Thanks to Tamalyn for this super class!

Yes! by Caitlin on 4/27/14

Tamalyn, this video has taken my shimmy to the next level already. I now know what I need to drill in order to switch my weight while shimming. Incredible class!

The best shimmy class! by Milica on 4/20/14

I love it! I learned a lot from Tamalyn ! Thank you a lot Tamalyn, you are a wonderful teacher!

Mrs by Paula K on 3/24/14

Lovely. I'm at a stage where I'm really needing to work on a bit of "subtly & finesse", instead of OTT :-) so this is wonderful. You explain & demonstrate the importance of weight shift so well!
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