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Raq It! Class #3: Belly Dance Fitness Fusion Class

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2018-03-19 18:04:19 2018-03-19 19:04:19 America/Los_Angeles Raq It! Class #3: Belly Dance Fitness Fusion Class Raq It! Class #3: Belly Dance Fitness Fusion Class https://daturaonline.com/raq-it-3-belly-dance-fitness-class-927 https://daturaonline.com/raq-it-3-belly-dance-fitness-class-927

Video Description: Here is a 50 minute Belly Dance workout routine that'll challenge your mind and body. This intermediate level class is a series of combinations of Belly Dance steps including spins, layering, traveling steps, and floorwork, fused with classic fitness moves that'll get you dancing and sweating. Remember to take it at your own pace, turn up the volume, and have a great time!

Fusion Conditioning Drills Combinations Hips Footwork Undulations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Cardio 00:50:01

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Love it by Julie on 11/25/17

Love this! So invigorating. I'd love to see Raq it #4 :D

So Fun! by Joanna Ashleigh on 5/27/16

Yay! I just did this class via skype with my friend in Turkey for the first time! Thanks for a fun dance-able workout Ashley! <3.

The best!!! by Akire on 2/19/16

The Raq it! videos are some of my all time favorites! Thank you Ashley! That omi with the shoulder shimmy is such a challenge...I will get it someday ;-) Keep being awesome, DO!

Miss You by Sandalwood on 2/12/16

Your splendid videos are just the ticket when I'm unable to come to class. Thank you, Ashley! I miss you and look forward to being back in class again soon. Your teaching techniques have always surpassed the norm and just keep growing.

A good start after a break by Dancefoot on 2/8/16

This was an extremely good start after a break. Dancing felt so good! I have always loved Raq it -workouts, I like dance classes that are instructed on the go. It feels like that you do more compared to a normal class. Of course "normal" classes are important to brush up the technique, but these type of classes are great when you feel you just want to sweat and dance. Thank you so much, Ashley and Team Datura! :)

Challenging and fun! by Omega on 1/22/16

So much new stuff to work on - thank you!!!

sweating & smiling :) by Soni Benson on 1/21/16

I love this new video! I'm sweating and smiling all at the same time. Great job Ashley & Team Datura!!
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