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For press inquiries or if you're interested in writing a review online, in print, or a blog post, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

We also would love to share your online review about individual videos or the site as a whole. News and reviews will be shared here and on our facebook page.


Dancing in My Living Room with Datura Online - www.anankedance.com

"I personally think that one of the most exciting developments in our community is the expansion of belly dance instruction into the digital realm. It’s now possible to take live classes or stream rented videos from world class instructors right from your computer. For those of us who live in the middle of nowhere this really is a lifesaver! And even for those of you who are lucky enough to have access to such resources locally, online instruction can be a convenient and cost-efficient supplement to your studies."


Datura Online: A Review! - www.thebellydanceblog.wordpress.com

"Something I LOVED – and just want to stress so much – is that there are classes from several different teachers in DIFFERENT STYLES! You might be inclined to think that just because it is run by Rachel Brice, it’s all Tribal Fusion. But it’s definitely not. Datura Online boasts (and they’re allowed to boast!) classes in American Cabaret, Tribal Fusion, ITS, American Tribal Style®, Classical Egyptian and more.

They also have guest teachers, like Amy Sigil from Unmata and are slowly adding more teachers that we can learn from."


Just What I Needed! - www.sophiadances.com 

 "I found that I really enjoyed having Ashley Lopez as my virtual teacher, she had a very friendly personality in the video, explained things clearly, and drilled things just enough that I had time to understand them but not time to get thoroughly bored. Because this is an intermediate-level class, there’s not a lot of time wasted on getting into the basics of a move, which was good for me."


Reviews of classes by Zoe Jakes and Amy Sigil from Adamantine

"I used my Android tablet to watch the instructional video in my living room to give myself plenty of space. I used a $5 off coupon to rent it for a month, original cost is $7.99 (not bad at all for almost an hour with this teacher! for a full month!)...She explained & drilled the camel step & spin set-ups very well. I learned something I didn't know about their style of group improvisation, which was really helpful (I'll leave some mystery there)."

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Criando uma rotina de estudos com a Datura Online - tribalarchive.com

"A Datura Online é um site de vídeo-aulas gerenciado por Rachel Brice e Sol Crawford que abrange, principalmente, dança do ventre, dança tribal, dança indiana, yoga e condicionamento físico, dentre outras modalidades, para dançarinos de todos os níveis."




All musicians that have contributed music that is featured in Datura Online classes can be found on our Music page here. Follow the links for more great music from them!

Contributing Photographers

These shutterbugs have taken some gorgeous pictures of Datura Online teachers and many others. Check them out!

Brad Dosland - Taboo Media - www.taboomedia.com

Lucrecia*Renee Rathmann - Proprietress of Dark Fusion Boutique - www.darkfusionboutique.etsy.com

Sequoia Emmanuelle - www.sequoiaemmanuelle.com

Scott Belding - www.scottbeldingphotography.com

Dennis Glisson - http://glissonimaging.zenfolio.com/

The Dancers Eye - Fine Bellydance Photography www.thedancerseye.com

Contributing Videographer

Diggable Monkey: In addition to being a great all around guy, Kevin Balmer shot and edited a good portion of the early catalogue of classes - www.diggablemonkey.com

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