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Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2018-03-19 18:08:28 2018-03-19 19:08:28 America/Los_Angeles Practice Perfect Practice Perfect https://daturaonline.com/practice-perfect https://daturaonline.com/practice-perfect

Video Description: Complex isolation patterns with perfect posture can be one of the most dynamic parts of your belly dance routine. In this workshop, Sedona will lead you through isolated belly dance movements, emphasizing posture and alignment, to add a strong accent to your belly dance repertoire. This workshop begins with a short warm up focusing on posture to prepare your body to dance, followed by a drill of basic internal isolated movement in various postures. Sedona will then slowly build two intricate and isolated combinations that use interior hip circles, chest and hip layers, and belly locks that will be drilled at various tempos. These two combinations will then be combined with a traveling foot pattern to create a long drill combination.

American Cabaret Drills Technique Hips Isolations Hipwork Undulations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:22:20

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Really is perfect! by Erin on 7/8/17

I love the dancing warm-up, really energizing and balancing. Drills were great, too! I am building up my endurance, I hope to be able to nail down the combinations soon!

Super by Laurie on 8/30/15

Thanks so much for this! Great drills and I love the leg warm up in the beginning!

Sedona Soulfire:

You're Welcome - Thanks to you Laurie for watching! Keep up the good work!! Many Dance Blessings! S~

Evil Mastermind at Circus Bacchus by Lady Dragon on 8/18/15

With the focus on perfect posture, the first set of drills after the warm up was fantastic with a sword. I had to modify some of the arm movements but it was a great way to augment my sword practice. Thanks.

Sedona Soulfire:

GREAT IDEA!!!!!!! It's totally a "perfect" balance practice drill - YES, YES!! Thanks so much! Glad you found a way to work it best for you!! Bless Bless : )

A worthwhile practice! by Rosa on 3/8/15

This is my second time back to this video and I find such help and benefit from this! The advice is very clear and useful :) Smiling should always be attached while technique drilling and dancing!

Sedona Soulfire:

: ) : ) : ) Big Smiles out to you and your practice! Yay!

Thorough Drill Practice by NatKat on 3/4/15

Great warm-up and thorough drills. Systematic presentation covers all the bases. Good for intermediate dancers daily practice to develop and refine technique. Thank you!

Sedona Soulfire:

Oh! Thank YOU!! Thank you so much for being here! If there is one thing I love, its DRILLIN'! Three cheers to the endless and rewarding path of refinement : ) Many Blessings S~

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