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New Workshop: 11/8/17

Kick Butt!

Ready to strengthen the glutes and thighs? Then this new workshop from Ashley is just for you!

 Kick Butt!Kick Butt! Buns & Thighs Workout

Let's kick some butt! This brief 30 minute Pilates fitness class is designed to target your buns and thighs! You'll be taken through a swift and fun sequence to work your glutes, hips, quads, and hamstrings with a little bit of abdominal work as well. This workout is for all levels and can be modified to fit your current abilities. Get ready to get your buns moving!

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New Workshop: 8/9/17

Shoulder Love!

Give your shoulders a little love with this new Pilates practice from Ashley Lopez!

 Shoulder Love!Shoulder Love

This is a practice designed to deeply work the muscles which support the shoulder joints, to create better mobility through gentle range of motion exercises and stretches, and to help students understand the common issue of chronic neck tension and how to work on decreasing it. We will go through a simple routine on the mat with two yoga blocks, and then proceed to a practice which incorporates a stretchy therapy/resistance band and a chair. Working with mindful movement, this workshop is intended to stabilize and strengthen your shoulders while releasing the neck. Be sure to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program, particularly if you have had any injuries in the past.

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New Workshop: 4/12/17

Knee Love!

Treat yourself to a new Pilates and yoga routine from Ashley Lopez that focuses on strength and functionality of the knee joint!

 Knee Love!Knee Love

This workshop focuses on the health and functionality of one of our most precious assets...our knees! This workshop includes two concise practices: a mat practice which focuses on activating and strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes as well as practicing larger range of motion exercises using a chair. As with any exercise routine, be sure you consult with your physician before beginning, especially if you have had any past injuries or surgeries. Take care of your knees and they will be the bee's knees!

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New Workshop with Ashley: 7/20/16

Jul 20, 2016 9:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 7/20/16

Intermediate Flexibility with Ashley Lopez

A great supplement to your dance practice or if you just want to get flexi. Enjoy!

 Intermediate Flexibility with Ashley LopezIntermediate Flexibility with Ashley Lopez

Healthy flexibility is a combination of range of motion in the joints, length of the muscles and connective tissues as well as strength, stability, balance, and proprioception. This workshop is designed to help you safely and effectively increase flexibility through a variety of fitness, yoga, Pilates and circus training techniques. We will work on getting into front splits, side splits and a few different back bending poses. At the end of class we will learn a short movement combination that will breakdown how to transition from one pose to the other. A final abdominal strengthening sequence will be practiced to leave you feeling strong and energized!

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New Workshop with Ashley: 6/29/16

Jun 29, 2016 9:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 6/29/16

Energized & Activated

Get energized and activated for your day with this new yoga practice from Ashley!

 Energized & ActivatedEnergized & Activated

This short practice is designed to energize you, awakening the mind and warming up the body with a particular focus on the spine. You will be taken through a short centering and pranayama practice and then through a series of flowing yoga postures. This breath-centric practice includes hip openers, hamstring stretches, gentle strengthening and some cross body movements to challenge coordination and balance. In this brief but efficient class you will move the body through all planes and will incorporate all movements of the spine: forward bends, twists, side bends and backward bends. This practice is for all levels though beginners may find it a fun challenge.

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New Class with Ashley: 3/30/16

Mar 30, 2016 9:13:00 AM

New Class with Ashley: 3/30/16

Ready for Anything - Belly Dance Fitness

Get your spring training on and be "Ready for Anything" with Ashley's new brief but power packed fitness fusion class. Enjoy!

 Ready for Anything - Belly Dance FitnessReady for Anything!

This is a brief, efficient and intense workout that will take your body through all planes of movement and will work every major muscle group. Moving swiftly, you'll be taken through a brief warm up and then proceed to some body-weight training inspired by yoga, Pilates and classic fitness exercises. You'll need just enough space to lie down on the floor, no props or extra equipment needed. You can perform this anywhere! And when you're done, you'll be able to take a run, drill some choreography, or take a nap...you'll be ready for anything!

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New Class with Ashley: 1/21/16

Jan 21, 2016 9:13:00 AM

New Class: 1/21/16

Raq It: Class #3 - Belly Dance Fitness

Ka-Boom! Ashley's new "Raq It! Class #3", belly dance fitness fusion class just went live. Crank it up and sweat it out.

Full of layers, spins, traveling steps, floorwork, and plenty of classic fitness intervals, who said you couldn't belly dance through your work out?

 Raq It! Class #3Raq It!: Class #3

Here is a 50 minute Belly Dance workout routine that'll challenge your mind and body. This intermediate level class is a series of combinations of Belly Dance steps including spins, layering, traveling steps, and floorwork, fused with classic fitness moves that'll get you dancing and sweating. Remember to take it at your own pace, turn up the volume, and have a great time!

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New Workshop: 12/16/15

Dec 15, 2015 9:13:00 AM

New Class: 12/16/15

Yoga for Natarajasana

New yoga flow workshop with Ashley Lopez to support you in preparation, strengthening, and compensating for the beautiful pose, "Natarajasana". Enjoy!

This photo is of Ashley López Bellydance, Danielle Elizabeth, Tabra Bay performing the pose in Rachel Brice's Datura choreography, "Glide".

 Raq It! Class #2Yoga Practice for Natarajasana

This is a hatha and Viniyoga-inspired flow practice to prepare for, build up to, and compensate for a goal pose, Natarajasana. This is a beautiful posture that requires flexibility, strength, and good balance. Many modifications will be offered for various levels of abilities. Enjoy this beautiful practice by taking the modifications that are right for you, and use any props that you need. This is a great routine to strengthen, stretch and focus the mind, whether or not you practice the full expression of our goal pose.

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New Workshop: 6/17/15

Jun 17, 2015 10:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 6/17/15

Shimmy Train: 3/4 Shimmies and Variations with Rachel Brice

In this new workshop with Rachel Brice, you'll learn all about the 3/4 shimmy with 5 variations, drills and arm and foot patterns. With this workshop you'll get to dig deep and get those 3/4 shimmies looking beautiful!


Shimmy Train: 3/4 Shimmies and Variations with Rachel BriceShimmy Train: 3/4 Shimmies and Variations

Learn, clarify or refine your physical understanding of several variations of the 3/4 shimmy and their different musical timing. Rachel starts from the beginning, with a clear lesson and practice for 3/4 work on the up and on the down, and then teaches variations for each. You'll finish with a technique combination (with some challenging choo choo shimmies thrown in) that includes all the variations and some complimentary arm movements.


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New Workshop: 5/21/15

May 21, 2015 9:13:00 AM

New Classes: 5/21/15

Hip Love with Ashley Lopez

Hip Love! A new workshop from Ashley López dedicated to strengthening, mobilizing, and loving your hips! Load up this class and show your hips some love today!

 Hip Love with Ashley LopezHip Love: A Pilates and Yoga practice for Belly Dance

This is a hip focused Pilates and yoga routine designed to strengthen the glutes, deep hip rotators, abdominals and back for maximum health and range of motion. This is both a conditioning and therapeutic approach to hip flexibility, stabilization, and strengthening.

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New Class: 2/18/15

Feb 18, 2015 10:13:00 AM

New Class: 2/18/15

Waves Yoga Practice with Rachel Brice

How about a yoga practice with Rachel Brice filmed in Costa Rica!? http://daturaonline.com/waves-yoga-practice

We're happy to present our first "on location" class: "Waves Yoga Practice" with Rachel Brice. This short practice was made to support belly dance movements with spinal extension (undulations, backbends, body waves) or as a great general yoga practice. Enjoy!


Waves Yoga Practice with Rachel BriceWaves Yoga Practice

This short yoga practice was created to increase flexibility and strength in the muscles that flex and extend the spine. Use before a class that includes any kind of spinal extension (backbends, body waves, and undulations), or in-between belly dance days to create a stable base for challenging movement. A relaxing and simple class for all levels.

Filmed in Nosara, Costa Rica at the annual Heart of Belly Dance Retreat.


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New Class: 10/4/13

Oct 4, 2013 10:13:00 AM

New Class: 10/4/13

Yoga Pilates Flow #2 with Ashley Lopez

Stretch and strengthen the whole body and especially the legs, abs, and shoulders in this second Yoga Pilates Flow class from Ashley Lopez. Photo by Scott Belding.


 Yoga Pilates Flow #2 with Ashley LopezYoga Pilates Flow #2 with Ashley Lopez

This is an intermediate yoga and pilates combination class designed with the belly dancer’s needs in mind. A full-body workout includes lots of leg and abdominal strengthening, as well as many hip and shoulder openers and some special work for the hamstrings. We highly recommend that you have some prior experience with yoga and Pilates before taking this class, and that you practice with mindfulness of your boundaries and take and necessary modifications. You will need a yoga strap, a yoga block, and a mat for this session.

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New Workshop: 12/13/12

Dec 13, 2012 10:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 12/13/12

Built: Upper Body Conditioning with Ashley Lopez

Looking for a fantastic upper body workout? Ashley's second workshop in the Built for Belly Dance Series is all about developing strong and beautiful arms and an upper body. Enjoy!


 Belly Dance Workout with Ashley LopezBuilt for Belly Dance: Upper Body Conditioning Workshop with Ashley Lopez

This workshop is a 3-part workout focusing on the upper body. Class will begin with a 20-minute segment focusing on upper body strengthening, followed by a 20-minute dance drill segment using upper body isolations and movements, and ending with a 20-minute upper body flexibility stretching segment.

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New Workshop: 10/11/12

Oct 11, 2012 12:13:00 PM

New Workshop: 10/11/12

Built for Belly Dance: Lower Body Conditioning with Ashley Lopez

Get ready to work out, and love it! This is the first of Ashley's new "Built for Belly Dance Conditioning Series". Enjoy!


 Built: Lower Body Conditioning with Ashley LopezBuilt for Belly Dance Conditioning Series: Lower Body with Ashley Lopez

Here's a new workshop from our resident belly dance and fitness bad ass, Ashley Lopez. This is the first in her "Built for Belly Dance Conditioning Series". In this 3-part workshop focusing on the lower body you will stretch, strengthen and drill for a full and fun lower body workout. 

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New Classes: 9/12/12

Sep 12, 2012 12:13:00 PM

New Classes: 9/12/12

This week we continue to keep your heart rate up with a few new classes!


Cute Cardio Combo B with AshleyCute Cardio Combo "B" with Ashley

The second class from Ashley Lopez's  conditioning "mini-series". It is designed to get the dancer moving & sweating with a few combinations that contain a variety of belly dance moves fused with steps from other styles of dance, including hula and jazz. Combo "B" works with cross over turns, level changes, and traveling hip movements for an energetic and fun workout. This video also features a short Pilates-based warm up and cool down.



Up Tempo Locks and Isolations Combo with Rachel BriceUp Tempo Locks and Isolations Combination with Rachel

This combination is from Rachel's full class. It's just the combination without the warm up or cool down, presented here for those who are short on time or want to sequence it with other classes of your choice. The combination includes a simple isolation pattern, hip work, a traveling step, and a slightly theatrical ending. It was created to be used over and over for several months: it begins simply and increases tempo three times so you can work at your current speed. It's suggested that you warm up a bit before trying this combination.




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