Musician Spotlight: Sonja Drakulich of Stellamara

Sonja by Evan FraserJoin us in celebrating another musician who is also a dance enthusiast, Sonja Drakulich of Stellamara. Stellamara, of which Sonja is a founder and main vocalist, was featured in Colleena Shakti's debut Datura Online choreography "Lado". Sonja and Stellamara love collaborating with dance artists, and their eccelectic music, with influences from around the world, is a great fit for fusion dancers. Currently based in California, Sonja frequently tours around the world, and in true D.O. fashion we're "bringing her to you"...wherever you are with this short interview.

Photo : Evan Fraser

5 Q's with Sonja Drakulich:

DO: Some listeners might classify this band as "world music"... how do you classify, or describe, yourselves?

SD"World music" is probably the most general genre there is since it includes everyone in the world. I would say our music is: Cinemagraphic / Near Eastern / Balkan / Electro-Acoustic / World-Folk.  It's not the easiest music to describe.

DO: What are some of the genres/cultures that influence Stellamara's unique sound?

SDMost definitely the music of our mentor, Ross Daly. There is such a long list to mention here, yet myself and my primary music partner, Gari Hegedus, have spent the better part of our lives studying the modal music of the Near and Middle East, primarily Turkish and Arabic classical and folk traditions. I also am influenced by Persian and Medieval European styles. My main influence in my vocal styli...

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