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2 New Workshops from Sedona! : 3/1/17

Mar 1, 2017 9:13:00 AM

2 New Workshops: 3/1/17

2 workshops from Sedona

Welcome to musical March! We've got two, count 'em two, new workshops chock full of rhythm and dance technique from Sedona: Spirit of the Drum: An Original Choreography and Drum Solo Expressions Class # 3: Chiftitelli!

 Spirit of the Drum: An Original ChoreographySpirit of the Drum: An Original Drum Solo by Sedona!

In this workshop you will be learning one of Sedona's original drum solo choreographies to a song created by Jason Ramirez. This choreography is fast, fun, and full of diverse belly dance techniques. It features tight pops and locks, various shimmies and shimmy layers, interesting hand, arm and head movements, plus dramatic rhythmic breakdowns. Be sure to warm up before starting this choreography and cool down afterwards.

 Drum Expressions 3: ChiftitelliDrum Solo Expressions # 3 : Chiftitelli!

In the third workshop in Sedona's "Drum Solo Expressions" series we will continue to cultivate our musicality, understanding Sedona's particular Drum Solo techniques and identifying Arabic rhythms. Sedona will explore several fundamental sounds that comprise a well executed drum solo, drilling movements and combinations to familiarize us with the sounds of the drum, with a focus on the slow and slinky Chiftitelli rhythm. Make sure to be properly warmed up before attempting this class.

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New Workshop: 2/15/17

Playful Technique & Combinations for Raqs Assaya

Here is another fantastic Raqs Assaya class with Henna: “Playful Technique & Combinations for Raqs Assaya”!

 Playful Technique & Combinations for Raqs AssayaPlayful Technique & Combinations for Raqs Assaya!

This workshop details several playful raqs assaya combinations inspired by folkloric movements and made for the raqs sharki stage. Using fast cane work, beautiful frames, juicy hipwork and more, Henna will break down and drill two combinations at several different speeds to get your cane work precise, fast, and fun! This workshop begins with a warm up to prepare the body for dance.

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New Workshop: 9/7/16

Rib Up Study with Rachel Brice

Proudly presenting the next workshop in Rachel's Datura Style Technique Series, the "Rib Up Study"!

 Rib Up Study with Rachel BriceRib Up Study: Datura Style Technique

We all know that learning new movements takes lots of repetition, but keeping what you've learned in your body also takes frequent check ins, albeit with less repetition. Datura's Technique "studies" are a way to effectively practice a lot of material in a short amount of time to keep your technique clean, strong and at your fingertips. The Rib Cage Up study is only 10 minutes long but packs a punch with all the material it contains. This workshop covers all the components of the Rib Cage Up study so you can learn at your own pace and review as necessary.

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New Workshop with Colleena: 4/14/16

Masala: Indian Fusion Technique and Principles

Presenting "Masala", a new workshop with Colleena Shakti that explores key principles, technique, and movement vocabulary for Indian fusion belly dance. Enjoy!

This workshop is a great complement to her latest choreography, "Heer Ranjha" which is part of the current DO Belly Dance Challenge.

Choreography: http://daturaonline.com/heer-ranjha-full-choreography
Challenge: http://daturaonline.com/news/do-bellydancechallenge-4/

 Masala: Indian Fusion Technique and PrinciplesMasala: Indian Fusion Technique and Principles

In this workshop, fundamental principles and technique of shakti style Indian fusion will be explored through complex layered movement phrases that will be broken down and drilled, so that dancers at any level can reap the benefits of carefully refining and strengthening these details. Hip movements, arm patterns, foot patterns and gaze will be combined in 3 sections: Twists & 8s, Pyramids, and Lucknow Maya, then finally strung together to create an ornate dance phrase. Movement concepts from Indian dance, as well as belly dance movements are a part of this Indian fusion dance workshop.

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New Workshop: 4/2/15

Apr 2, 2015 9:13:00 AM

New Classes: 4/2/15


Presenting the newest online class with Ashley Lopez: H.A.S.H. Tag!

Movements in the head, arms, shoulders, and hands for belly dance are fundamental for creating dramatic frames and subtle details that can add the finishing touches to your dances. We hope the techniques and drills in this class will be trending soon in your practice routine. Enjoy!

Photo: Nina Gastreich Photography / www.ninagphotography.co.nz

 H.A.S.H. TAG! with Ashley LopezH.A.S.H. Tag! Head, Arms, Shoulders, and Hands Technique

This workshop focuses on some fundamentals of head, shoulder, arm, and hand movement for belly dance. Basic technique is broken down slowly including poses, isolations, shapes, hand gestures, and head slides and circles. Movements are repeated so that students have a chance to practice and drill to perfection. Ashley will describe what is happening anatomically in the bones, joints and muscles and demonstrate the movements, describing exactly where students should feel the origin of movement and how the body is powering the exercise so that students understand the mechanics behind these techniques and are able to physically execute them as well.

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New Workshop: 7/31/13

Jul 31, 2013 11:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 7/31/13

Classic Egyptian Belly Dance Technique with Henna

New Workshop from guest teacher Henna Belly Dancer! This online class is the second in her Classic Egyptian Technique Series. Fundamental technique and concepts with detailed movement breakdown and a combination to dance it out.

This workshop is a great complement to her recent choreography class: http://daturaonline.com/egyptian-style-choreography. Enjoy!


Classic Egyptian Belly Dance Technique with HennaClassic Egyptian #2: Technique Workshop

This Egyptian technique workshop introduces four more of the fundamental movements of classic Egyptian belly dance: Camel, The Jewel, Hip Circles, and Arabesque. A few variations will accompany each break-down including drills and combinations to get them into your muscle memory. Henna will also detail key techniques to achieve the unique quality of movement for Egyptian stylization. A warm up is recommended before taking this class.


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New Workshop: 10/4/12

Oct 4, 2012 12:13:00 PM

New Workshop: 10/4/12

Sublime Veil Technique and Choreography with Sedona

We're thrilled to release Sedona Soulfire's new class: Sublime Veil Technique and Choreography, with over 20 movements, veil tips, and a beautiful veil dance.

 Sublime Veil Technique and Choreography with SedonaSublime Veil Technique & Choreography with Sedona Soulfire

In this workshop Sedona will focus on belly dance’s most classic prop, the veil. You will get clear and concise breakdowns of veil posture, technique, and 20 unique movements and variations. All of the movements can stand on their or own or seam together to create a lovely 20 part veil choreography. The workshop includes a warm-up specifically targeting arms, hands, wrists, upper back, shoulders and ribcage as well as commentary on using your veil as a theatrical prop and recovering from veil snafus. 

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New Classes: 9/21/12

Sep 21, 2012 12:13:00 PM

New Classes: 9/21/12

Two new classes from Rachel Brice to keep your technique sharp, your dance ooey-gooey, and work up a little sweat!


Pinball Scale with Rachel BricePinball Scale with Rachel Brice

Rachel breaks down this favorite phrase and then drills the heck out of the little slink. The Pinball scale combines undulations, rib cage circles, maya, side to side undulations, a simple lock pattern, and a more complex isolation pattern. These phrases can be used for improvisation or choreography, as well as being strong technique drills. This is the sister video to the new 'Daily Dose Pinball #1".



Daily Dose 3 Pinball with Rachel BriceDaily Dose: Pinball #1 with Rachel Brice

Get your daily dose! These concise belly dance practices include what you need to keep your technique strong when you’re short on time: yoga, conditioning, technique drills, a short belly dance phrase called Pinball, and a cool down. Pinball #1 offers a stronger yoga practice and focus on leg strengthening and level changes.




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