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Level 2 ITS classes with Amy Sigil!

Feb 14, 2018 7:13:00 AM

New Workshops: 2/14/17

ITS Level 2

Alright, here we go! Brand new level 2 ITS classes with Amy and Kari are available now. Get your ITS on!

 ITS L2 Slow Lesson 1

Welcome to level 2! Lesson 1 of your slow vocabulary from level 2 includes a detailed breakdown of the Maya, Floreo Maya, and Camel with a 1/2 Turn. You will practice the movements alongside soft and hard transitions, traveling, and directional turns. You will put all of these concepts and movements together in a fun drill section with Amy and Kari.

ITS L2 Fast Lesson 2

Ready for more fast ITS? We kick things up to level 2 now. Amy will detail and drill the Choo Choo spin, Choo Choo double spin, Caravan Droppings, and Single Bump 1/2 turn. This class also includes drill time to help you get comfortable with the movements.



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New Workshop: 1/17/18

Cardio Blast: Sweat It Out!


Get ready to sweat it out in this power packed cardio HIIT class from Ashley!

 Cardio Blast: Sweat It Out!Cardio Blast: Sweat It Out!

This quick 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) class will get your heart rate up with a smile. Fun, multi-level body-weight based exercises will help you build strength and increase your cardiovascular health, all without the need for any equipment, inside the comfort of your home. Exercises may be modified to be high or low impact, and may be performed more quickly or slowly - you choose the pace! Keep it a quick 30 minutes or combine this class with Cardio Blast: Work It Out! for a full hour long cardio workout. Be sure you are thoroughly warmed up before beginning class and make sure to cool down afterward. You may want to wear shoes for the exercises in this class. Let's get moving!

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Brand new classes with Ebony!

Dec 31, 2017 7:13:00 AM

New Workshops: 12/31/17

Ebony's new classes!

We are SUPER EXCITED to introduce to you a brand new teacher on Datura Online: Ebony!

Ebony is bringing her signature style to you in two workshops: The Game, An Original Choreography with elements of hip hop, 1930s jazz dance, waacking, and more AND an Urban Fusion: Throwback Style workshop!

 The Game: An Original ChoreographyThe Game: An Original Choreography

This original fusion choreography from Ebony combines elements of Raqs Sharki, urban dance genres such as popping, waacking, and house dance, and a 1930s Jazz dance influence. This workshop features a chronological breakdown of a fun and fast paced intermediate level dance to the electronic song "The Game" by Smokey Joe & The Kid. For a more in depth breakdown of some of the moves presented in this class, refer to Ebony's "Urban Fusion" series. Please be sure to warm up and cool down before and after working with this class..


Ebony's Urban Fusion Throwback Style

Urban Fusion : Throwback Style

In this workshop you'll discover Ebony's fun and unique take on Tribal Fusion belly dance, influenced by urban styles found in hip hop, retro funk popping, and movements rooted in Raqs Sharki dance. You'll work on isolating movements, unusual undulations, and some complex and exciting footwork. Please be sure to warm up before taking this class and cool down afterwards.




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A new workshop with Sedona Soulfire!

Dec 20, 2017 7:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 12/20/17

Rise and Fall Veil Choreography

Explore beautiful spins, veil frames, and more in this expressive choreography about love and loss from Sedona Soulfire!

 Rise and Fall Veil ChoreographyRise & Fall: An Original Choreography

In this workshop Sedona will teach an emotive American Cabaret Veil choreography to Joseph Pusey's "Oud Chiftitelli". This choreography features various spins, turns, and intermediate veil techniques. It also includes a dramatic shimmy section as well as various veil frames and wraps. This choreography can stand on it's own or can be put into a larger belly dance set. Be sure you are warmed up and comfortable with veil fundamentals before taking this class.

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New ITS classes with Amy Sigil!

Dec 6, 2017 7:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 12/6/17

ITS Transitions

Who's ready for a new round of ITS classes with Amy Sigil?

 ITS TransitionsITS Soft & Hard Transitions

This lesson delves into the concepts of soft and hard transitions in both your slow and fast level 1 stall movements. Amy discusses the rules for soft and hard transitions, breaks down these transitions, and gives you drill exercises for both your slow and fast stall movements.


Waves Warm Up

Waves Flow Warm Up

Waves is a standing yoga based sport flow warm up designed to get your heart rate up, develop flexibility, and work through various yoga postures.



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New classes with Rachel Brice!

Nov 22, 2017 7:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 11/22/17

RB Intro to Datura Class #2

We've got two special treats for you: a brand new class in Rachel's Introduction to Datura Style™ series, focused on upper body essentials AND, for members only, a Costume Café with Rachel!

 Intro to Datura Style class 2Introduction to Datura Style™ Class # 2 : Upper Body Essentials

In class # 2 of Rachel's "Introduction to Datura Style™" series, you will continue to sharpen your understanding of the fundamentals of Datura Style™ belly dance. This class focuses on chest and rib cage lifts, bodywaves, undulations, belly rolls, and Arabic basic. Rachel will breakdown these movements and put them together in an improvisational drill. This class begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down.

 RB Costume CafeCostume Café: "Changes" with Rachel Brice

In this member only spotlight from the workshop "Changes": An Original Choreography, Rachel shares how she developed costuming and adornment for her choreography, sharing tips and tricks for creating headdresses, sourcing materials, and giving further resources to investigate.

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New Workshop: 11/8/17

Kick Butt!

Ready to strengthen the glutes and thighs? Then this new workshop from Ashley is just for you!

 Kick Butt!Kick Butt! Buns & Thighs Workout

Let's kick some butt! This brief 30 minute Pilates fitness class is designed to target your buns and thighs! You'll be taken through a swift and fun sequence to work your glutes, hips, quads, and hamstrings with a little bit of abdominal work as well. This workout is for all levels and can be modified to fit your current abilities. Get ready to get your buns moving!

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New Workshop: 10/11/17

Colette Int ATS Class #7

Three is a magic number! In this new class from Colette, drill movements perfect for trios, practicing both fading and circling in a group.

CT Intermediate ATS Class 7

Intermediate ATS® : Class # 7 - Trios

In ATS®, trios have the ability to fade, to change the lead, or to create dynamic combos. These groups can also face each other and circle with exceptional results. The circling and fading combinations presented in this class are perfect for three or more dancers and include the Ghawazee Combo, Arabic Hip Twist Flourish with Fade, Turkish Shimmy with Arms Circling, and a few isolation variations to spice things up. We'll add moves from the ATS® vocabulary and drill. Put on your zils and get your dance partners ready!

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New Workshop: 9/14/17

Fluid veil fundamentals with Henna

Explore the effortless and flowing magic of the veil with Henna in this brand new workshop!

 Fluid veil fundamentals with HennaFluid Veil Fundamentals

Fluidity and veil go hand in hand in belly dance. In this workshop from Henna, you will begin to build the foundation for effortless veil work through footwork, weight changes, and precise arm pathways. You will practice advanced shapes, turns, and musicality concepts. Please be sure you are warmed up before taking this class.

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New Workshop: 8/30/17

Changes: An Original Choreography with Rachel Brice

Who. Is. Ready. for a new choreography from Rachel Brice?!

 Changes: An Original Choreography with Rachel BriceChanges: An Original Choreography

This advanced choreography from Rachel has everything: Gooey slow, unbelievably fast, syncopation, triplets, and tons of variation, all to the amazing song "Changes" by SENOJNYAR. This workshop is part technique drill and part dance and includes Rib cage locks, side to side undulations, a lot of shoulder work, big juicy hip drops, and lots of back to back contrast. This workshop begins at the end, adding some structured improv and compositional principles along the way, and works backward to a gooey start so you can know you'll end strong! Be sure you are warmed up before starting this workshop and cool down afterwards..

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New Workshop: 8/9/17

Shoulder Love!

Give your shoulders a little love with this new Pilates practice from Ashley Lopez!

 Shoulder Love!Shoulder Love

This is a practice designed to deeply work the muscles which support the shoulder joints, to create better mobility through gentle range of motion exercises and stretches, and to help students understand the common issue of chronic neck tension and how to work on decreasing it. We will go through a simple routine on the mat with two yoga blocks, and then proceed to a practice which incorporates a stretchy therapy/resistance band and a chair. Working with mindful movement, this workshop is intended to stabilize and strengthen your shoulders while releasing the neck. Be sure to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program, particularly if you have had any injuries in the past.

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New Workshop: 7/26/17

HH Brand New to Belly Dance Class 1

Begin at the beginning with Henna, practicing belly dance movements in the hips, learning directions of movement, and putting everything together in a sassy combo!

HH Brand New to Belly Dance Class 1

Brand New to Belly Dance Class # 1: Hip Focus

In the first class in Henna's Brand New to Belly Dance series, you will learn the foundation for beautiful belly dancing. Henna will breakdown basic dance posture, introduce musical terminology, and show you how to work with the natural movement of your body. You will learn the different direction of movements in the hips, the walking bump, shimmy, external hip circles, and a fun combination to get you moving.

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New Workshop: 7/12/17

SS Impulse and Intention

Expressing emotional intention through the hands, wrists, arms, and eyes is the focus in this brand new workshop from Sedona Soulfire!

SS Impulse and Intention

Impulse & Intention

This workshop brings detailed focus to hand, arm, wrist, and eyegaze ornamentation. We will explore using the arms and eyes to contour, frame, and accent body movements, as well as express emotionality and purposeful intent. We will work through various types of arm motions with special focus on the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints as well as different planes and dimensions in space. The workshop is full of technique, drills, and combinations to assist in making your arms and eyes a strong, graceful, and prominent element in your dance.

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New Workshop: 6/28/17

Colette Int ATS Class #6

You asked for more ATS® classes and we listened! In this new Intermediate class, Colette will delve deeper into the world of duets, sharing moves and combinations perfect for two!

CT Intermediate ATS Class 6

Intermediate ATS® : Class # 6 - Power Duets

The strong connection between dancers is evident in ATS® Power Duets. Dancers seem to become one, read each other's mind, and do moves that other formations can't! This intermediate ATS® class follows up on the previous duet focus class with more fast movements and variations including Arabic Orbit, Arabic Crossing, Wet Dog, Egyptian Fake Out, and a versatile Turkish Shimmy Crossing/Circling Combo. Let's face our partners, dance fast, and pull out our power duet moves!

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New Workshop: 6/14/17

Ashley Drill Bits: Pop It!

Who's got half an hour and wants to get some good upper body drills in? Then Ashley's got the perfect class for you!

Drill Bits: Pop It!

Get ready to move your upper body! This quick 30 minute drill class is fully focused on the chest and ribcage movement. We'll explore chest lifts, drops, slides, shapes and experiment with speed, size, and layering arms and footwork!

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