New Workshop: 8/30/17

Changes: An Original Choreography with Rachel Brice

Who. Is. Ready. for a new choreography from Rachel Brice?!

 Changes: An Original Choreography with Rachel BriceChanges: An Original Choreography

This advanced choreography from Rachel has everything: Gooey slow, unbelievably fast, syncopation, triplets, and tons of variation, all to the amazing song "Changes" by SENOJNYAR. This workshop is part technique drill and part dance and includes Rib cage locks, side to side undulations, a lot of shoulder work, big juicy hip drops, and lots of back to back contrast. This workshop begins at the end, adding some structured improv and compositional principles along the way, and works backward to a gooey start so you can know you'll end strong! Be sure you are warmed up before starting this workshop and cool down afterwards..