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Masala: Indian Fusion Shakti Style

Teacher: Colleena Shakti

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2018-02-20 07:34:28 2018-02-20 08:34:28 America/Los_Angeles Masala: Indian Fusion Shakti Style Masala: Indian Fusion Shakti Style https://daturaonline.com/masala-indian-fusion-shakti-style https://daturaonline.com/masala-indian-fusion-shakti-style

Video Description: In this workshop, fundamental principles and technique of shakti style Indian fusion will be explored through complex layered movement phrases that will be broken down and drilled, so that dancers at any level can reap the benefits of carefully refining and strengthening these details. Hip movements, arm patterns, foot patterns and gaze will be combined in 3 sections: Twists & 8s, Pyramids, and Lucknow Maya, then finally strung together to create an ornate dance phrase. Movement concepts from Indian dance, as well as belly dance movements are a part of this Indian fusion dance workshop.

Fusion Indian Dance Technique Hips Footwork Vocabulary Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:33:18

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Recommend by Tamara on 5/4/17

Brilliant instruction to such a beautiful combination. Thank you!

Wonderful by Laila Laghribi on 4/20/16

Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us ! I love this class !
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