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"Lado" : Original Indian Fusion Choreography

Teacher: Colleena Shakti

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2018-03-19 18:10:05 2018-03-19 19:10:05 America/Los_Angeles "Lado" : Original Indian Fusion Choreography "Lado" : Original Indian Fusion Choreography https://daturaonline.com/lado-fusion-choreography https://daturaonline.com/lado-fusion-choreography

Video Description: In this workshop students will learn a fusion choreography that draws movement inspiration from Classical Indian, Persian, Central Asian, and Contemporary dance. This choreography includes expansive movements and traveling spins, as well as balancing postures and subtle nuances, making it an engaging composition for the experienced dancer and the new student alike.

Suggested attire is a skirt and dancing barefoot is ideal for the North Indian style spins in this choreography. (Be sure the floor surface you are dancing on is appropriate for fast spins, so as not to risk injury.)

Fusion Indian Dance Musicality Choreography Footwork Body Region Movement Elements 01:12:49

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Beautiful by Jasmine on 5/20/17

I love this dance. It is so beautiful and full of grace.

ha! by wendrika olofson on 7/8/16

Lint on the floor indeed. My new reminder for purpose and concentration is lint! ;)

A beautiful feel-good choreography by Caroline on 7/5/15

I just finished the video and this choreography feels so good to dance! I did far from perfect but I focused on the pleasure to dance. I love the different energies in this piece, they are really flowing and I felt cradled by the moves.
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