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The Subtle Art : Isolation, Integration, and Layering

Teacher: Tamalyn Dallal

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2018-02-20 07:32:05 2018-02-20 08:32:05 America/Los_Angeles The Subtle Art : Isolation, Integration, and Layering The Subtle Art : Isolation, Integration, and Layering https://daturaonline.com/isolation-integration-and-layers https://daturaonline.com/isolation-integration-and-layers

Video Description: Belly Dance is an art with many nuances and complexities. In this workshop, Tamalyn explores three fundamental concepts: isolations, integration and layering that are keys to elegant and expressive belly dancing. Tamalyn breaks down fundamental isolations and demonstrates how to integrate isolated movements to allow them to radiate throughout the body. Basic layering is explored and used to demonstrate how layers can be used in isolation and integration to vary your dance. You will also learn the difference between these three concepts, which is fundamental in understanding Arabic vs. American or western styles.

American Cabaret Any Style Technique Fundamentals Improvisation Hips Isolations Hipwork Undulations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:46:30

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So Helpful and Inspiring by Chloe Carrera on 1/30/18

I was stuck and struggling to find some of the sensual softer movement I needed for a piece I'm working on, and decided to go back to basics as a warm up and refresher. This class was just what I needed. Fun, and helpful, and reminded me of things I'd somehow forgotten in focusing on other techniques recently.

The good old days! by Stacy on 8/11/14

It's really great to see the progression of teaching formats such as this. But watching Dallal makes me wish for the days of the mid east dance exchange and the fact that i should have taken more advantage of it!!

dance student by Janett anitta on 4/7/14

Love all of Tamalyn's classes! Her moves are so earthy, sensual & relaxed. I have noticed that by doing this class my movements are more sultry and I'm also more flexible:)

Precious knowledge by Milla on 3/22/14

This very useful, important knowledge, and the hints Tamalyn gives are not easy to find elsewhere.
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