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Intermediate ATS® : Class 7 - Trios

Teacher: Colette Todorov

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2018-03-19 18:03:46 2018-03-19 19:03:46 America/Los_Angeles Intermediate ATS® : Class 7 - Trios Intermediate ATS® : Class 7 - Trios https://daturaonline.com/intermediate-atsr-class-7 https://daturaonline.com/intermediate-atsr-class-7

Video Description: Three is a magic number! In ATS®, trios have the ability to fade, to change the lead, or to create dynamic combos. These groups can also face each other and circle with exceptional results. The circling and fading combinations presented in this class are perfect for three or more dancers and include the Ghawazee Combo, Arabic Hip Twist Flourish with Fade, Turkish Shimmy with Arms Circling, and a few isolation variations to spice things up. We'll add moves from the ATS® vocabulary and drill. Put on your zils and get your dance partners ready!

American Tribal Style® Drills Technique Combinations Improvisation Shimmies Undulations Movement Technique Tools Elements Zils 00:31:51

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