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Intermediate ATS® : Class # 6 - Power Duets

Teacher: Colette Todorov

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2018-02-20 07:36:25 2018-02-20 08:36:25 America/Los_Angeles Intermediate ATS® : Class # 6 - Power Duets Intermediate ATS® : Class # 6 - Power Duets https://daturaonline.com/intermediate-atsr-class-6 https://daturaonline.com/intermediate-atsr-class-6

Video Description: The strong connection between dancers is evident in ATS® Power Duets. Dancers seem to become one, read each other's mind, and do moves that other formations can't! This intermediate ATS® class follows up on the previous duet focus class with more fast movements and variations including Arabic Orbit, Arabic Crossing, Wet Dog, Egyptian Fake Out, and a versatile Turkish Shimmy Crossing/Circling Combo. Let's face our partners, dance fast, and pull out our power duet moves!

American Tribal Style® Drills Technique Combinations Fundamentals Improvisation Vocabulary Isolations Undulations Movement Technique Tools Elements Zils 00:31:12

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so much fun! by Lisi on 9/29/17

Thank you so much for these fun variations <3 we are gonna practise those duets in our tribe! Love to see you and Tabra dance and smile :-*

Colette Todorov:

Hi Lisi, So glad you enjoy the variations! Have fun trying them out with your troupe. colette

This is Awesome by Drucilla on 7/6/17

My dance partner and I just watched this for the first time through and it's everything we needed! (and yes jewelry does get caught during arabic orbit - we know because it happened to us last time we danced.) Thank you Colette, we love this! ~ Eihwaz Bellydance

Colette Todorov:

Hi Drucilla, So glad you had fun with this duet! Colette

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