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Integrated Dance Preparation

6 Weeks | 5 Sessions per week | 34 Videos | Int/Adv


This 6-week program is designed for students who wish to prepare physically, technically, and mentally for Ashley Lopez's Integrated Dance Part 1 Intensive.

Created by Ashley Lopez, a certified yoga, Pilates, and group fitness instructor with over a decade of experience teaching in over 20 countries internationally, Integrated Dance is the result of over 14 years of study, practice and research. Learn more about Ashley's comprehensive training and teacher certification intensive here.

Ashley designed the Integrated Dance Preparation program on Datura Online to prepare her students interested in taking the Integrated Dance Intensive, as well as for those dancers looking to hone their technique and build body strength and flexibility.

The program begins with basic belly dance technique, basic yoga, and basic Pilates. The weeks quickly progress, offering students more challenging cross-training sessions in addition to more advanced dance technique and dance combinations.

Each session is approximately one hour in length, and each week includes 5 sessions, giving students the opportunity to take two recovery days per week.

Students enrolled in the Integrated Dance program should pay special attention to cueing techniques, sequencing of exercises, and the pace and flow of each class. Get ready to work out, dance a lot, learn a bit, and smile!

For this program, you'll need a water bottle, yoga mat, and yoga blocks.

Basic Training Belly Dance Program

How to Begin

You can rent classes individually, rent a session playlist, or activate an unlimited access membership to access all classes in this program for one low price.

To get started, click on any of class titles below.

To browse class descriptions, click on the week and you can read more about each class. For a printable version of this program click here to download and print a copy for your practice space. You also can bookmark this page for easy access later.

Practice Tip

For each mix and match session, all videos are in one playlist - one continual class. Click on the playlist link to start your session playlist, OR click on each week in the program navigation bar below for an expanded view, and watch the videos one at a time.

Integrated Dance Preparation : Week 5

Session 1

Cute Cardio Combinations Workshop (1:08:33)

Session 2

Playlist (1:00:41)

Energized & Activated - Drill Bits: Bump It!

Session 3

Raq It! Belly Dance Fitness Class (57:31)

Session 4

Playlist (55:25)

Ready for Anything! - Drill Bits: Shake It!

Session 5

Raq It! Class #2: Belly Dance Fitness Fusion (50:25)

Integrated Dance Preparation : Week 6

Session 1

Raq It! Class #3: Belly Dance Fitness Fusion Class (50:01)

Session 2

Playlist (48:12)

"Waves" Yoga Practice - Drill Bits: Twist It! - Ab Blast!

Session 3

Heart Throb: Cardio Conditioning + Belly Dance Drills (53:48)

Session 4

Yoga Practice for Belly Dance (43:21)

Session 5

Heart Throb #2 (1:03:41)


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