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Indian Fusion Arm Patterns + Spins

Teacher: Colleena Shakti

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2018-02-20 07:34:04 2018-02-20 08:34:04 America/Los_Angeles Indian Fusion Arm Patterns + Spins Indian Fusion Arm Patterns + Spins https://daturaonline.com/indian-fusion-arm-patterns-and-spins https://daturaonline.com/indian-fusion-arm-patterns-and-spins

Video Description: In this workshop, Colleena will begin with a breakdown of six beautiful arm patterns and variations, a great way to begin to warm up the body and clear the space around you, honing your concentration. Reviewing the most important basic spin from North Indian dance, Colleena will jump from there into traveling, unspotted, and stationary spins. They will be broken down and drilled with arm patterns. Finally, we will drill a dance phrase that features arm patterns and spinning techniques at two speeds. Before beginning, be sure your dancing space has a safe surface for fast flat footed turns.

Fusion Indian Dance Technique Footwork Legs Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Spins + Turns 01:22:58

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So graceful by Rosemary on 6/7/17

So graceful and so elegant. Thank you for doing the yoga, and explaining/showing the mudras and the spins......

love the classses..nausea while spinning. by sona on 6/12/16

I absolutely love the classes. I am new to dancing and I am specially interested in rajasthani dance but i always get dizzy and nauseous while spinning. I also tried doing some neck warm up exercise before the dance practice but it isn't helping.. Is their something else I can do

Beautiful new hands and arm postures! by Chantal on 2/17/16

Thank you for sharing so many lovely new arm patterns, even with the spins! My dance would be all arms and hands if I could :)
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