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Hip Star: Hip and Pelvic Technique Workshop

Teacher: Sadie Marquardt

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2018-03-19 18:00:53 2018-03-19 19:00:53 America/Los_Angeles Hip Star: Hip and Pelvic Technique Workshop Hip Star: Hip and Pelvic Technique Workshop https://daturaonline.com/hip-star https://daturaonline.com/hip-star

Video Description: In this workshop Sadie will help you master soft and fluid isolations of the hips and pelvis, essential to creating gorgeous belly dance technique. Focusing on pelvic rolls and circles, Sadie will breakdown the individual movements and create flowing combinations complete with directional changes and layers, drilling them at various speeds so you can truly sink in and develop your technique. Please be sure to warm up properly before beginning the workshop and cool down afterwards.

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Body Dyslexia. Lol!! by Kelly Garland on 9/8/16

Love Sadie's Pelvic rolls and circles. The pelvic circles couple with the hip slides left me with body dyslexia. Mmmmmaaaaannnnnn, I was laughing so hard at myself attempting those moves. Bwahahaha. It was awesome. Gives me something to work on. Thank you, Sadie. Was just fabulous!

Like it! by Mermaiden on 2/11/16

Ohh I love this instruction!! :) Thank you for coming to Datura!!! If I could just make one tiny itty bitty suggestion? The pelvis is the bony anatomy I think you are trying to describe. Pelvic is an adjective that means 'relating to the pelvis.' Sorry just an OCD radiology student here. :-P

Yummy! by minna on 5/30/15

Really yummy & fun class! Using abdominals is my absolutely favorite:) Love pelvic shimmies,omis,camels and all those juicy movements! Doing Sadie`s drum solo choreograhy. By the way really have improved my flutters!(I always have practiced them pretty much).Thank you!
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