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ITS L1 Fast Lesson 4

Teacher: Amy Sigil

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2018-03-19 18:10:56 2018-03-19 19:10:56 America/Los_Angeles ITS L1 Fast Lesson 4 ITS L1 Fast Lesson 4 https://daturaonline.com/full-lesson-4-unmatas-level-1-fast-its-shoulder-shimmy-mid-3-4-shimmy-and-the-arabic-shimmy https://daturaonline.com/full-lesson-4-unmatas-level-1-fast-its-shoulder-shimmy-mid-3-4-shimmy-and-the-arabic-shimmy

Video Description: This is Lesson 4 of Level 1 Fast ITS Vocabulary. This class includes the Shoulder Shimmy, Shoulder Shimmy with a Hip Drop, Mid 3/4 Shimmy, Mid 3/4 Shimmy with 1/4 and 1/2 Turns, and the Arabic Shimmy. There is a "work" section with a detailed breakdown of the movements, a "drill" section for practice, and a "drill challenge" for an immersive experience drilling the movements from the entire level one fast format in duet and trio formations.

ITS Hips Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:47:03

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Love! by Shirley on 6/30/14

I love this!!!
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