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Ethiopia Dances for Joy

Teacher: Tamalyn Dallal

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2018-02-20 07:36:01 2018-02-20 08:36:01 America/Los_Angeles Ethiopia Dances for Joy Ethiopia Dances for Joy https://daturaonline.com/ethiopia-dances-for-joy https://daturaonline.com/ethiopia-dances-for-joy

Video Description: "Ethiopia Dances for Joy" is a fascinating look at Ethiopian dance and culture. The full documentary is available for members on Datura Online. In this film, renown dancer Tamalyn Dallal goes to Ethiopia. With help from a circus school, she explores life in Ethiopia during Orthodox Easter. She winds up on the same flight as the Pope of the Ethiopian Orthodox church, and sees fabulous processions of priests, bearing colorful umbrellas and huge, ancient crosses. In other towns, she films 17 dances, has an encounter with hippos at the base of the Blue Nile, and travels to a holy Muslim city with ancient dances and customs all their own. "Ethiopia Dances for Joy" was filmed, produced, and directed by Tamalyn Dallal, and edited by George Achi.

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Wow! by Valeria on 12/19/17

Thanks for this wonderful journey into Ethiopian dances :D Wollo- dance should be introduced in every office to release stress and rehabilitate back and neck muscles from incorrect positions :D love it!

A Joy to Watch! by Sanjaya on 11/9/17

Wonderful, wonderful, and very much needed! This was enthralling from start to finish, and I discovered so much that I never even knew. Thank you, Tamalyn, for sharing your film with the world--for information, culture, and joy! And thanks, DO staff, for using this wonderful website as a vehicle to share so many different kinds of culture!

Beautiful traditions! by Samira on 10/27/17

This was such a delight to watch and learn from! Thank you, DO and Tamalyn Dallal!
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