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Teacher: April Rose

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2018-03-19 18:07:57 2018-03-19 19:07:57 America/Los_Angeles Elements & Compounds Elements & Compounds https://daturaonline.com/elements-and-compounds https://daturaonline.com/elements-and-compounds

Video Description: In this workshop from April Rose you will learn two combinations that challenge both the brain and body. You will begin with a focus on elemental belly dance movement and move into compound layers that focus on stacking torso isolations and hipwork. You will carve space with luscious arm patterns and learn new ways to segment the body with punctuated isolations. This workshop begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down.

Any Style Technique Combinations Hips Ribs + Chest Isolations Shimmies Hipwork Undulations Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools 1:18:07

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Insoiring by Beatrice on 9/8/17

So inspiring! Beautiful! Miss the words... Thank you April!

Outstanding! Thank you! by Natassia Boston belly on 1/19/17

April Rose has an amazing way of breaking down movement and making the student understand all while bringing on a challenge! This class was so helpful and I will definitely be applying this to my daily practice. Thank you so much April

awesome and fun !! by Lunasissons on 1/19/17

I loved it! what a great workshop and fun! Just what i needed!! Thank You April, I look ford to doing this a few times to get it down. Can't wait till your next one. :)

Ms. by Debi on 1/19/17

April Rose is a fantastic instructor. Loved this workshop and learned so much about relaxing the rest of the body.

Excellent class! by Bellydancehead on 1/19/17

I loved this class! April Rose is a very good teacher and dancer. Thanks for this workshop! <3
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