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Elegant and Expressive Hands and Arms

Teacher: Tamalyn Dallal

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2018-02-20 07:41:24 2018-02-20 08:41:24 America/Los_Angeles Elegant and Expressive Hands and Arms Elegant and Expressive Hands and Arms https://daturaonline.com/elegant-and-expressive-hands-and-arms https://daturaonline.com/elegant-and-expressive-hands-and-arms

Video Description: This workshop focuses on Tamalyn Dallal's signature hand and arm technique. In 6 parts, she will guide you through a multitude of elegant and expressive hand and arm techniques and combinations. This belly dance class features a short warm up, basic shapes and embellishments, variations on basic arm movements with layers, and hand and arms technique and movements from the silk road.

American Cabaret Classic & Egyptian Any Style Technique Fundamentals Improvisation Arms + Hands Body Region Technique Tools Elements 01:37:22

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Diane Eger dianedesertdance.com by diane on 9/11/17

so beautiful, never saw her dance before but this has helped me teach a class as well as perform she is totally unique and sooooo lovely

Fantastic Class! by Paula on 8/27/17

Just what I needed!

Inspiring by Twin Swords on 3/13/17

One of the best workshops on all of Datura. Tamalyn oozes confidence, and I could listen to Tamalyn's calming voice all day. Her thoughts on musicality in general would be very interesting as well.

Love it !! by Vanina on 10/21/16

Awesome class, I needed it .. and Moore practice :) thank you ..

It's in our hands by Billie Bird on 9/20/16

Thank you very much, this lesson is so inspiring <3!

loved it! by eva on 8/25/16

thank you tamalyn! i fell for bellydance again!

Beautiful Arm Conditioning by Natasha on 5/2/16

I have really enjoyed the arm and hand conditioning. Sometimes I forget how the arms are a part of the movement and not just an accessory. Hugs to Tamalyn

Best arms video by cassandra on 2/21/16

I have been looking for an arms video that is as thorough as this one.. I started Belly Dance 10 years ago, I am self taught with dvds and Youtube.. I had never been able to master the arms movement as I had never found any instructional video that was unequivocal. Thank you

<3<3<3 by Paris Richardson on 11/17/15

Thank you so much for this class. It has helped me so much! You are an amazing dancer and instructor! Blessings! Paris

This is great by Madam O on 9/2/15

Ive always had trouble with hand movement. Not only has the broken it down to a way that i understand and can do, but it hads made me excited about hand movements and i can't wait to use them all in my dance.

Incredible depth and beauty! by Nika on 3/6/14

Very happy with this rental! I'm only two days in, but I hope to study this at least every other day for the next month. Wonderful teacher, such grace. I hope we get more lessons from Ms. Dallal soon! :)

Mrs by Paula K. on 2/19/14

Just amazing. I love the way you provide so many creative variations on even the most common moves, like snake arms, and the way you blend & layer them so fluidly. So much to learn - so little time! Thank you :-)

Absolutely graceful! by dip dip dip on 11/26/13

Loved the class.. I am a very energetic dancer and have never bothered with my 'arms dancing' so much..usually keep them in required positions or some basic transitions.. This class has added a new dimension to my dance.. Thank you for instilling grace in me Tamalyn Dallal! P.S - The candle arms are very popularly used in Gujarat, India during Navartri festival.

Thank you! by Delphine on 11/21/13

Amazing class with an amazing Teacher !

Squid! by megg on 11/4/13

My husband walked in during my practice to me sprinkling in the squid, and add in the squid, take out the squid. He got a laugh out of it. But in seriousness, I really love this video, and what a fantastic teacher!

Love it... Love it. by Penpak on 11/1/13

What can I say, I'm loving it. Another video to practice on. Thank you much for keep posting such great video :-x

Amazing! by Denise on 10/26/13

Absolutely loved this workshop.... adore these arm and hand techniques. Feel like Tamalyn has breathed fresh air into my dancing. Fabulous teacher :)

Thank You! by Joanna A. on 10/25/13

This was such a fun and challenging class for me. I feel very aware of my hands now and know what I need to work on! Thank you Tamalyn!

8Elements Initiate by PAOLA B. on 10/24/13

Absolutely stunning: I'm in love with this lesson! Thank you Tamalyn Dallal!
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