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Effortless Elegance: Classically Inspired Fusion Technique

Teacher: April Rose

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2018-03-19 18:10:21 2018-03-19 19:10:21 America/Los_Angeles Effortless Elegance: Classically Inspired Fusion Technique Effortless Elegance: Classically Inspired Fusion Technique https://daturaonline.com/effortless-elegance https://daturaonline.com/effortless-elegance

Video Description: In this workshop the effortless and earthy Egyptian style shimmy of classic belly dance is fused with crisp and elegant turns and movements from western dance. We begin with a warm up to activate our brain and bodies. We then learn chainé turns with spotting and arm layers, followed by a detailed breakdown of the Egyptian knee shimmy. Finally we learn a traveling flip turn forward and back with hip locks and upper body layers. These movements are then combined into a drill-able dance combination, ending with a cool down for the hamstrings and quads.

American Cabaret Classic & Egyptian Any Style Technique Hips Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools 01:10:17

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Spotlights, pretty please! by Liberty on 5/17/16

This class has some seriously amazing content. What I love about it: 1. The warm up remarkably leaves me feeling both relaxed and energized. 2. April demystified the chainé turn for my non-ballet body/brain fabulously. 3. This breakdown of the Egyptian shimmy is exactly what I'm looking for to relax my shimmies. 4. I adore the flip turns! The arm layers are a gorgeous addition. Thank you April, and DO! <3 <3 <3

Love love love your teaching. by Rachel Brice on 5/14/16

So clear, so concise, so focused. Love your classes so much. YOU DA FUTURE! Mwah!

I love your methodology! by Jooo on 2/25/16

April, I love how you sing to drill whatever you are teaching, it's super cool! Love it all!

GREEEEAAAATT! by anjali Poppy on 2/11/16

Beautiful, precise, good explanation.... Thanks April!!!

Beautiful! by Carol Ramsey on 2/8/16

Loved the combo! Gorgeous and challenging :)

Oriental ballet elegance by Shuvani Safir on 2/7/16

So beautiful and precise class. Thank you!!!

Thanks! by Omega on 2/6/16

Great class! Super useful teaching tool. I often struggle to explain turns to students because I've been doing them a long time and have stopped thinking about them. Great way to bring back awareness into my own dancing and now I feel better explaining this to my students. Thank you!!!

Awesome! by Natassia Boston on 2/6/16

I love your classes April, you are meant to teach. Great explanation and challenging movement! Thank you again!

So much fun! by Roux on 2/4/16

Beautiful and challenging and a really fun warm up! Thank you!
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