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Rib Up Study: Datura Style™ Technique

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2018-03-19 18:02:05 2018-03-19 19:02:05 America/Los_Angeles Rib Up Study: Datura Style™ Technique Rib Up Study: Datura Style™ Technique https://daturaonline.com/datura-technique-rib-up-study https://daturaonline.com/datura-technique-rib-up-study

Video Description: We all know that learning new movements takes lots of repetition, but keeping what you've learned in your body also takes frequent check ins, albeit with less repetition. Datura's Technique "studies" are a way to effectively practice a lot of material in a short amount of time to keep your technique clean, strong and at your fingertips. The Rib Cage Up study is only 10 minutes long but packs a punch with all the material it contains. This workshop covers all the components of the Rib Cage Up study so you can learn at your own pace and review as necessary.

Fusion Any Style Datura Style™ Drills Technique Fundamentals Shoulders Ribs + Chest Footwork Vocabulary Isolations Undulations Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:40:14

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Rachel Brice by Barb on 2/12/18

Your meticulous attention to details in your teachings are one of the reasons I respect you so much! Again, thank you for your wonderful instruction <3

How Deeps by Moxie on 1/19/18

Am I misremembering that you and Mardi called inverted Arabics “how deeps”?

holy moly!! by Aida on 1/1/18

oh geez!! really worked me up....gonna drill more often!!

Chest lifts in the full practice section by Christa Surratt on 9/12/17

Hi! In the full practice section of the video, when we are doing the chest lifts with arms are you also rolling your belly down after you let go of the lift? I was wondering if it was purposeful or if that's just what happens on the release? It looks beautiful regardless. Thanks!

Love this format1 by Mrs Pancakes on 5/1/17

Detailed breakdown + condensed practice on a separate video = perfect regular training solution. Well done!

That electronic song tho by Noelle on 2/11/17

I see the 4 Radio Laria songs listed on the side. What is the electronic song in the video that you use?

Rachel Brice:

I'm guessing the electronic one you mean is the Rib Up Study, full practice? The other three are drum loops and bells, so that must be it. Thanks for your question!

Other name for inverted arabic by Kat on 12/9/16

Hi Rachel, I had one dance teacher who calledl it a reverse arabic. interestingly, she didn't know the original name of it either. anyway, no matter what i call it, that move continues to make my brain spaz out and i fall off my feet more often than not while attempting it, lol... Solution = practice more! right? :) Thanks for that combo though - it's challenging but fun! I love all 3 of these Datura studies... cheers

Rachel Brice:

Exactly, thank you! Yes, it's a tricky one for sure. Thank you for your post!

90 times 90 days body wave by Mabruka on 9/27/16

I'd love a short 90 times video for the body wave.

Rachel Brice:

Thanks for the request! I'll see what I can do.

Kudos to you, Rachel! by Catanya on 9/15/16

I love this study, especially the way you deliver it with such humor and grace. Many thanks.

Rachel Brice:

Aw, thank you Catanya! Glad to hear you think It's graceful, ha ha!

Wheeeeeeeeee! by Erika Henrikson on 9/9/16

Oh I'm so excited! I love the details. I can't wait for the hip up study!

Rachel Brice:

Me too!

Thank you,Rachel by Sigel on 9/9/16

All those fantastic details,ah~~~I'm so enjoy this class.

Rachel Brice:

Wonderful, thank you. I love details, glad you do, too!

Amazing by Rhue on 9/8/16

I really loved this series, even after having learned it in Portland, because it's so chock full of great details. This class clearly is meant to grow with your practice and I love that very much. Thank you!!
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