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Datura Style™ Technique: Fundamental Positions & Combinations

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2018-03-19 18:07:28 2018-03-19 19:07:28 America/Los_Angeles Datura Style™ Technique: Fundamental Positions & Combinations Datura Style™ Technique: Fundamental Positions & Combinations https://daturaonline.com/datura-style-technique-fundamentals https://daturaonline.com/datura-style-technique-fundamentals

Video Description: This unusual workshop is actually two classes in one: A fundamentals practice and demonstration, followed by a challenging dance portion.

1) In the first half of this workshop Rachel will detail and practice Datura's fundamental placement for the arms, legs, feet, and full body for Tribal and Tribal Fusion dancers. Next you’ll learn a short sequence that integrates these fundamentals so when practiced regularly they’ll become second nature. This detailed work was created as a reference that you can return to again and again for detail about the fundamentals.

2) In the second half of the workshop, you’ll learn 2 new challenging combinations from Datura’s emerging vocabulary, Arabic Hip Twist variation and Cherry Moon, that include many of these foot and arm positions.

And for the finale!: You and Rachel will play with some lead-and-follow improvisation to get a sense of how to use these combinations in a group improvisation.

To find a visual reference for the arm, leg, and foot positions, click here.

Fusion Any Style Datura Style™ Combinations Hips Footwork Vocabulary Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:32:49

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A brief question by Maro on 10/30/17

In reach to the side and high reach, the shoulder moves forward? Thank you very much :)

AMAZING by Kiri on 6/27/17

Thank you for sharing this! I love it! <3

Thank you! by J. on 4/4/17

Thank you so, so much for the detailed breakdowns in this video and in your others. It's by far the easiest way for me to learn.

Love this Practice! by ShimmyKimmy on 10/30/16

I have watched countless YT videos to try and figure out this "Cherry Moon", and this breakdown makes it clear what my body should be doing next. Thanks for this wonderful class and platform to learn your skill and talent!

The ABC! by Sive Fuxia on 10/19/16

Oh my gosh... this is really clarifying! I've seen it twice already but I'm going to watch it everyday until those positions will go into my bones! Thanks RB for doing all this research and creating a vocabulary which is so helpful! You know I love you!

Rachel Brice:

Fantastic! So glad you like detail, I love it too! Thanks for your comment, Rachel

Love it! by Luna on 8/31/16

Done this a few times now...I love it.

Datura Style technique by connie on 8/23/16

your so incredibly good at detail...thank you. I'm loving this!! <3

Thank you again and again by Beatrice on 7/8/16

Thank you for sharing with us in such a honest way your experience and knowledge aquired through hard work uplifting the quality of dancing! Thank you so much for constantly for the gift of knowledge making sure that dreams to come true

Crystalline clarity! by Rosa Latva on 6/12/16

My head is just swirling and whooshing with clarity! This is so awesome, I am receiving a LOT from this workshop. Thank you!

Building Blocks by Rachel Corona on 5/17/16

Thank you Rachel Brice! I love the way you break down Tribal Fusion positions into their fundamental parts, thus establishing a vocabulary and unlimited opportunity to re-combine parts to create exciting new combinations. Also, thank you for the visual reference material you've made available. I learn best when I can both physically perform an action and read/see/label what is actually happening. As much as I want to charge ahead with faster speeds and more complicated combinations, it is crucial to revisit the fundamentals, and you've made that super easy with this video.

At last! <3 by Elle Newport on 5/16/16

Words cannot express how happy I am to see this material available online! So excited for this whole series -- loved the first installment and I'm sure I will be revisiting it many times! Thank you, Rachel!

forgot to say how awesome it was by Lindsay Calhoun on 5/14/16

forgot to say how awesome the workshop was and thanks for sharing these great techniques!

posture, arms, foot drills by Lindsay Calhoun on 5/14/16

When you get a chance can you break out the sequence portion where the foot, arm, and leg positions are drilled as a separate short drill video? I would consider adding it to a daily playlist separately that way.

Perfect! by Nicole Mann on 5/14/16

Thank you so much for this. This one video answers almost all of the posture questions I have ever had for bellydance teachers. I am soaking all of this up like a sponge! <3 - Nic

Yay!!! by Tini on 5/14/16

Wow, thanks so much RB, this is perfect in the lead up to Culmination!!!

This is awesome. by Jess Russell-Davies on 5/13/16

This is awesome! I'm so excited about *Datura Technique* videos starting to emerge! Also, I will surely go slowly insane until I fix my arm-work now! This class is all that and a packet of crisps, guys! Thank you Rachel and DO!!! <3

Cherry moon! by Ruth Torluemke on 5/12/16

CHERRY MOON!!! <3 Thank you arbibi!! Thank you for this workshop, gotta work on all the things before I see you next!
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