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Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy #1

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2018-03-19 18:11:39 2018-03-19 19:11:39 America/Los_Angeles Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy #1 Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy #1 https://daturaonline.com/daily-dose-arabic-shimmy-1 https://daturaonline.com/daily-dose-arabic-shimmy-1

Video Description: Get your daily dose! The daily dose is a short, efficient practice that has what you need to keep your belly dance technique strong, even if you have a crazy schedule: yoga, drills, a short phrase combination, a focus, and a cool down. This daily dose is part of the Rachel's Fusion "Arabic Shimmy" Series.

Fusion Yoga Conditioning Drills Technique Hips Vocabulary Shimmies Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Cardio 00:36:05

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Links by Imelda Ruiz on 7/19/17

It would be great that you could punt the links from the videos mentioned in this video: something of the fundamental and the drill, as a recomendation, so we don't spend too much time looking for then in the case we haven't watch them yet.

Rachel Brice:

"Great idea! I'll add it to our list of ideas and we'll see what we can do!"

Responding to Taaliah by Liberty on 6/16/17

Hi Taaliah! I believe the video you want is "Scales: Slovenia Slam". It's a great phrase that helps keep those little isolations nice and clean. :)

GREAT video! by Leah Joy on 2/4/17

Rachel I actually blurted out laughing when you said "last breath.. well not ever...". :-) so good! This is an excellent foundation video and I love the stretch and cardio elements worked into such a short but effective class. Thanks, LJ

Comfort Food by Joanna Ashleigh on 12/20/16

I love this video and the Daily Dose series... It's my comfort practice. <3.

1st drill in 2 min combo section? by Taaliah on 7/8/16

Does anyone know what video Rachel is referring to when she says there's one you can review that details that first combo in the 2 min drill section? I poked around, but couldn't find it. Thanks!

Suggestions? by Erika on 6/6/16

I love the daily dose videos so much!! In this one though, I have a question. In the beginning yoga sequence at 7:10 after bringing the chest and legs up off the floor, when I bend and straighten my legs, it feels "snappy" in the backs of my knees. It's uncomfortable and I've tried to position/rotate my legs differently to see if it helps, but I haven't had any breakthroughs. Can anyone suggest what may be causing it? Thanks!!

Dancer and Teacher by Catanya on 5/1/16

Very cool work out, I truly enjoy working with this. Thanks, RB.

Wonderful <3 by Erika Henrikson on 3/18/16

I love the daily dose videos to keep up on all the basics! I've added zills to my practice too. The walking drill section in this daily dose is just the right amount of cycles to zill 3s, 337, 373, 355, 3513, and 13131 for each hip movement. Then I'll do 3's through the locking section and then do running 7s, 5, 4s and singles through the arabic & arabic shimmy portion. Good stuff!!! Thanks Datura crew!

oops... by Erika Henrikson on 3/18/16

haha...I meant the 31313 zill pattern...not 13131....but that could be really interesting! :P

Yaaassss by Omega on 10/6/15

I love this practice and I've done it a few times now. I thought to add zills during the Arabic/Arabic shimmy part and I think next time I do this I'll add zills to the other parts too for extra zill practice.

Good alternative by Juliana on 7/20/15

First Daily Dose for me =) I think I generally prefer slower classes, cause with very concentrated ones like this, I find it hard to remember good posture and to keep the moves clean, since I'm busy trying to keep up the pace. But it's a good course to practice on a regular basis and it does fit into lazy or relatively busy days. I don't even have to make excuses when I'm revising for exams, cause this is a good break in between. Good option for me!

Short, effective by Andrea on 4/23/15

Oh goodness, doing this video the day after leg day! BRUTAL...my legs were shaking by the time we got to the 3/4 shimmy arabic! Man I love this. I wish I had a full hour three times a week to practice but there is no excuse with videos this length! I've been an on and off dancer for years, your first DVD is still on the shelf but sadly scratched so badly it won't play. I love datura online, so much, thank you! My skills are slowly coming back. Even if I do a daily dose 3-4 times a week for a year I could stand on solid dance foundation once again. Hopefully things will change so I can do a full hour 3 days a week some day soon when my 2 year old is not so needy, lol.

<3 by Elle on 11/2/14

Another great Daily Dose -- love working it with Arbibi! Thanks so much, and keep 'em coming!

Daily Dose! by Jessi on 9/10/13

Just had my first go at a Daily Dose, (obviously this one!), and I did not always keep up but it was loads of fun anyway. I'll keep on practicing it, (daily, I think might be the way to go...), and when I can keep up with everything and keep it all neat and clean I will be feeling like a GOD!!! :) Yay! Thank you DO and RB!

Initiation Memories by Mazur... on 7/23/13

Once you get into a daily dose habit, life just doesn't feel the same without it! Thank you Sol & RB for fueling our dancing addictions :)

yay! by Patricia on 7/4/13

These 36 minutes can save you whole day!

Yes! by Sonia on 6/4/13

First one! Love it! =)

<3 by Raine on 4/9/13

I <3 Daily Dose.

Miss by Jennifer on 1/12/13

I think I've found a new favourite! I've been so worried about how much TIME I put into practice, when I really need to worry about the value of what goes into that practice and what I get out of it. Wee!!

<3. by Joanna on 12/24/12

Still loving this one! Now to go do some yoga... x.

Great Workout by Amee on 12/17/12

I love belly dance so much because of your style and you are a great teacher. <3

My Favorite! by Maria Linkous on 11/2/12

I love love love the daily doses! can't get enough of them Thanks RB!

Really helpful for a short practice. by ANAIS on 9/20/12

This video is very concentrated. :) You can practice the fundamental undulations. I really enjoy it! I recommend it!

Love this!!! by Heather on 9/2/12

What a great idea, now I won't get bored working out to the same video over and over. I love how you can sort by how long you have to dance. Now I have no excuse not to dance! Thank you so much.

Ingenious by Joya on 8/27/12

This project/venue is ingenious. Thank you RB for ever bringing quality belly dance to us. :)

Gooey Goals! by Tera on 8/26/12

I look forward to the day that I make it all the way thru this still looking relaxed and gooey! :-)

Daily Dose by Haunani on 8/15/12

Daily Dose Arabic Shimmy! ♥ it!

Why is it good for a busy girl / mom? by Gica on 8/6/12

Great way to practice and sweat a lot in ca. 30 minutes only. I didn't dance regularly for ca. 1,5 years now, and the first Dose was really hard for me. But you brought back my motivation to practice (almost) daily, since I know, that I can watch it for 30 days only. (Not as your DVDs, who are waiting on the shelf for lazy me, even if it's a really great weekly plan to 'Serpentine', with a lot of options.] I like that we do yoga exercises as warm-up, and the shimmy drill will surely have the results. Dear Arbee, you have a grateful (and motivated) student in Hungary :]

Woo! by Arbee on 7/31/12

It was a little strange to work out to my own video, but I actually enjoyed myself! Hope you all enjoy it, too. Love, RB
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