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Clever Combinations

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2018-03-19 18:06:28 2018-03-19 19:06:28 America/Los_Angeles Clever Combinations Clever Combinations https://daturaonline.com/clever-combinations https://daturaonline.com/clever-combinations

Video Description: Ready for a challenge? In this class we will practice combinations designed for the advanced dancer, layering isolations and shapes, sequencing movements, learning tricky footwork and drilling different kinds of spins. You will work on increasing your endurance through long drills and learning combos quickly. At the end of class you will learn one long master combination to be practiced on both sides, first slowly and then super fast! Remember to have fun with this; the video is meant to be repeatable so we hope you find it challenging enough to return to over and over again.

Fusion Drills Technique Combinations Hips Ribs + Chest Isolations Shimmies Hipwork Undulations Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Spins + Turns 01:00:49

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I had a blast! by Paige Mason on 1/5/18

thank you! that class was fun!

Loved this by Lindsey on 12/6/17

and I look forward to using it during upcoming performances. Excellent and clear break down of movement and technique. Thank you!

Thumbs up! by Valeria on 3/21/17

It just made me feel good! I am motivated to do it again and again to reach my best!

Ms. by Debi on 2/22/17

Love this class! Especially love the sexy warm up. Fun.

So much fun! by Eleanor LeClair on 12/26/16

Loved this class! I was hoping to take a class that was fast paced--something I could just zen out with while still being challenged and this was it! I'm still slightly confused about the petal turn, but the rest of the instruction was clear, concise, and entertaining, as per usual. :)
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