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Classical Dance Warm Up & Conditioning

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2018-03-19 18:11:29 2018-03-19 19:11:29 America/Los_Angeles Classical Dance Warm Up & Conditioning Classical Dance Warm Up & Conditioning https://daturaonline.com/classical-dance-warm-up-conditioning https://daturaonline.com/classical-dance-warm-up-conditioning

Video Description: This 20 min full-body warm-up and workout is inspired by movements from Odissi Classical Dance and Ballet. Designed to create flexibility, strength, and grace in the body, it's a wonderful supplement to any dance practice.Working with this conditioning routine on a regular basis will help improve posture, Increase core strength, and sculpt a long and strong dancers body. This spotlight is part of Sedona's "Super Shimmies & Shimmy Layers" workshop.

Fusion Any Style Pilates Indian Dance Warm Up Conditioning Legs Stretch + Strengthen Body Region 00:22:24

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Best warmup! by Eleanor LeClair on 2/22/17

I've been using Datura Online for 4 years (!!) now, and I have yet to find a warm up that gets me going quite like this one! My body is always warm, sweating, and ready to go in 20 minutes, which is great for days when I'm running low on time. Thanks Sedona, I love your classes!

Sedona Soulfire:

Oh Great! I love to hear this! I am a warm up fiend : ) Thanks for being in the D.O. family, its great to cyber dance with you! Warmest Dancey Blessings to YOU!

Enjoy the Effort by Tamara on 6/13/14

Now if that isn't a good mind set for warm ups, I do not know what is. Never had a warm up quite like this one. Your coaching and explaining along the way help tremendously and kept me focused on the muscles used and the intention. Your comment, "Enjoy the effort." was the perfect mindset to work through the bit of challenge.

YAY!!! by Sedona on 4/8/13

YAY!!! I'm so so glad you like this one! I personally am a warm-up obesso! I always want my warm up to be doing more than just "warming up" I also want it to be building strength, grace and alignment that will carry over into all aspects of my dance life. So glad to hear this one is working well for everyone! Been working on some new stuff too!! Can't wait to share!! Go Warm-ups!!! : )

Great warm-up by Melisa on 3/29/13

I really feel it helps to make my body more graceful

Great warm up, or mini work-out in a pinch! by Jennifer L on 10/10/12

I love that, even if I've only got 20 minutes to commit to my practice, and I can do this "warm-up" and still feel like I've accomplished something! Thanks Sedona!

The best warm up I've found by bellyburger on 9/28/12

I have been belly dancing for 6 years and this is the best dance warm up I have found. Thank you!

One of my favorite by Caroline on 9/22/12

This warm up is really what I was looking for. It's challenging for me but it's what I need. Thank you Sedona!
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