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"Changes" : An Original Choreography

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2018-02-25 23:41:07 2018-02-26 00:41:07 America/Los_Angeles "Changes" : An Original Choreography "Changes" : An Original Choreography https://daturaonline.com/changes-an-original-choreography https://daturaonline.com/changes-an-original-choreography

Video Description: This advanced choreography from Rachel has everything: Gooey slow, unbelievably fast, syncopation, triplets, and tons of variation, all to the amazing song "Changes" by SENOJNAYR. This workshop is part technique drill and part dance and includes Rib cage locks, side to side undulations, a lot of shoulder work, big juicy hip drops, and lots of back to back contrast. This workshop begins at the end, adding some structured improv and compositional principles along the way, and works backward to a gooey start so you can know you'll end strong! Be sure you are warmed up before starting this workshop and cool down afterwards.

Fusion Technique Musicality Choreography Footwork Isolations Shimmies Hipwork Undulations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Spins + Turns 02:06:08

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Levels again by moni on 1/13/18

Thank you so much for your reply rach hope you see this one too I practice for almost 3 months but I still find it difficult to lower more once I want to see if I can lower more I dare not. And another situation is that after lower to the most I can't get up! So does that all mean the muscles are not stronger yet?

levels by moni on 1/12/18

The levels!how can I not feel it in the knee ?

Rachel Brice:

That's a good question. You'll feel the knee move of course! But the idea is that you should only go so far that you feel muscular work in the muscles that control the knee (the thighs or quads), rather than painful or uncomfortable sensations in the knee joint as a result of leg muscles that aren't yet strong enough to lower you down with control. Does that make sense?

Wish List Item by Joanna Ashleigh on 11/24/17

First off... Thanks Rachel and DO! This was a wonderful delve back into belly dance during Fall Break. Secondly, if it's possible, it would be wonderful to have a marker in the timing bar for the beginning of the run throughs (60/80/100%) for section 1 and 2. I find as I'm rehearsing it I'm wanting to review those sections in addition to the final run through at the end of the video. Thanks again! Much Love, ~Joanna

Rachel Brice:

Thank you! I'll talk to the team. Love!

Rachel Brice:

Thank you! I'll talk to the team. Love!

Rachel Brice:

Thank you! I'll talk to the team. Love!

Rachel Brice:

Wow, I must have really meant that, haa!

Back-chaining Brilliance by Liz on 11/10/17

I'm gonna geek out on everyone here and admit that I'm an animal trainer in another life of mine, and the practice of starting something at the END of the behavior and then backing it up segment by segment to the beginning is called "back-chaining." I LOVE that Rachel used this to teach this choreo! It's SO useful for confidence because you've repeated the end more than the beginning so once you get to the next section in a performance your body is already primed to move into the next piece out of habit. Brilliant choreo, brilliant back-chaining, and brilliant piece of music. Bravo to all involved. THANK you for sharing this difficult piece with the world - it's what I needed to rev up my home practice.

Rachel Brice:

Ooooh! There'a a NAME for it! Yay, thank you for your comment! That just reinforces the idea. And now I want to find out more about it for my dog!

Love it by Milica on 10/13/17

This choreography is sick and savage, I love it so much. The music is awesome. This is a perfect technique/choreo/improv class for my current level of dance, it is pretty challenging, but still very doable and attainable. Also, it is not just you learning mechanically the movements, it is about really thinking about what you've learned and doing your homework with structured improv part. BUT the thing I love the most, Rachel breaks everything down so perfectly, you can really dance it while drilling and make it your own. I felt so comfortable and kept adding some of my own spontaneous little movements. I was making some changes, get it, changes? Yes, lame joke :D

Rachel Brice:

Ha! AWESOME joke. Thank you so much for the feedback! It's so helpful to know what works for you guys. I'll make you another one!

Pure Pedagogical Genius by Danielle on 10/3/17

Thankyou for working so hard on not just bringing more material to your students, but implementing new and innovative ways to teach it. Sometimes it pays to reinvent the wheel... this one rolls so much more smoothly! :D

awesome break down! by Paula Stowers on 9/30/17

I'm not sure what to say. I'm still trying to figure out how you counted this Beast! There are so many sounds!!! love the challenge!

More improv classes by Aimee on 9/26/17

Love the choreo! Can you please do a DO class on improv???

This is savage. by Kelly on 9/17/17

Rachel, please do more like this! This is the first time I've felt like I could really tackle a choreography so challenging. I also love the repetition here- I don't have to pause and rewind as much. Super efficient! Thanks for being so awesome! Namaste

Rachel Brice:

You're welcome, and will do!

Great breakdown! by Paloma on 9/13/17

I love the way you broke this down! It makes it super effective as a technique drill. Because I love technique drills. I know learning choreo is important too. But I don't enjoy it as much. This was perfect for me! Thank you!

Practice Practice by Noelle on 9/11/17

Does anyone know a good way/have any suggestions to practicing those rib cage locks x4? Been hammering away at it for almost two weeks and they ain't showing up with out a good fight. ;_;

Rachel Brice:

Hi Noelle! In the 8 Elements training, we talk about 90X90 drills = 90 repetitions for 90 days will usually give you the result you're going for. In this case you'd work on UP-UP-UP-UP / DOWN-DOWN-DOWN-DOWN 90 times, and you'll have it in (about) three months or less if you try it every day. Report back and let us know how it goes!

Can we please have another like this?? by Noelle on 9/7/17

This choreography is everything I wanted to learn. Stylistically it's what I've been aching to learn, having marveled at every dancer who could pull it off and there's only so much I could figure out by watching youtube videos. Like other people have said, this is challenging, yet accessable because it's taught so well. I don't sweat the smaller details like the quick locks x4 on the belly rolls, I know I'll just have to keep trying and one day it'll come. Confidence booster. Please, please, please, please, more like this!

Definitely finding the sweet spot with this one! by Fotinella on 9/7/17

Oh this choreography is everything!!! The actual performance this is based off is one of my all time favourites. I'm applying all of my 8 Elements knowledge to learn it and it's working beautifully. I used to be so scared of learning choreography and now I love it so much. Especially when I get the feeling of everything slowing down and like I have all the time in the world to execute each movement fully. Thank you Rachel and DO!!!

In Time by Tamara Djinnise on 9/6/17

I just watched the first two phrases (or last two) tonight 3 times each and practiced. I am going to go to sleep and process what I have done so far. I love how you drill a lot and I appreciate how you get us dancing before you go into the detail. It is a little tricky to catch all the nuances at first and it will take time to get the phrases my muscle memory just right. For instance, I want to clean up those quick drops and lifts before moving on. Thank you for the motivation.

Yay by Laurie on 9/5/17

I know how much time and care went into this breakdown and production, thanks soooo much for doing what you do.

Yes! by Bonnie on 9/5/17

This one is so fun to learn and practice. It is definitely one I will be watching for a while. This song is rad and beautiful. Thanks so much rachel.

It's impossible only if you believe it is, by Núria on 9/3/17

First thanks Rachel & Datura for this new and juicy piece. It has been a very long time that I wanted to learn pops & drops & "hip hop" style , with this actualized music!! When I saw it, I just knew I couldn't do it for now, it requires a extremly body control which I'm just a beginner. But, with the very well explained breack down and step by step slowly. I couldn't believe it... I can't deny I just broke in tears when I danced the entire 1rst phrase all the way. Really, Datura changed me too !!

::throws all of the roses:: by Jess R-D on 9/3/17

This is officially my favourite DO class of all time. This choreography is challenging and complex but it feels accessible because it has been taught so well. It's so much fun! It's going to take a long time to get the details at 100% (for me), but I have a feeling that every time I work with this class I'm going to grab more and more detail until I'm there. Thank you all so much for all of the effort, time and thought that must have gone into producing such an amazing piece of work. Good show, DO! ::throws roses::

Yessss! by Alexandra on 9/2/17

This rocks my socks! The breakdown is perfect! I'm so excited for the chance to learn it!! Thank you, Rachel!

Changes by Justice castoreno on 9/1/17

SIMPLY GENIUS❤❤❤working on the choreography backwards then the improv

SOLD! by Belynda on 9/1/17

That was the most fun I've had in a while! Challenging and Possible! How fun and fascinating to go backwards to go forward. And... With the structured improv format that allows us to get to do a collaboration with you. How exciting and motivating is that?! Like the direct link to buy the music, hear more, connect and support the Artist. Tanks Rachel! Beautiful Inspiring Work

Innovative - in every way by Beth on 8/30/17

"Changes" is the perfect title for this. I don't know if this was deliberate or intuitive, but not only did the switching of the instruction from a back-to-front structure challenge me in different ways, but by including the improv section at the end to be developed in the middle is pure genius; especially in a class as long as 2+ hours. This will keep me growing as a dancer for a very long time. I also like this music very much. Thank you, Rachel.

Motivation to move! by Karla on 8/30/17

Gaaaaaakjagshjs so hard to only watch this!! skjdfh

YES! by Ruth Torluemke on 8/30/17

This is so SICK and JUICY. Yes. I'm making a plan to make this happen-- this is definitely going to be a great challenge :D

1 hour for 23 seconds.....lol by Crystal Weran on 8/30/17

Whew!! gonna have to break this into a couple sessions.....I completed all the phrases in section 2.....feeling confident.......then noticed it's only 23 seconds of the song!! Killing me!! But I love it. So it's all good!!

Amazing! by Crystal Weran on 8/30/17

Oh my gawd - this is sick!! Thank you, Rachel!!
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