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Cardio Blast: Work It Out!

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2018-02-20 07:33:17 2018-02-20 08:33:17 America/Los_Angeles Cardio Blast: Work It Out! Cardio Blast: Work It Out! https://daturaonline.com/cardio-blast-work-it-out https://daturaonline.com/cardio-blast-work-it-out

Video Description: Get ready to work it out! This quick 30 minute cardiovascular HIIT routine will give you the fantastic work out you need, without any equipment, without needing to get out and run a million miles. All exercises are body-weight based, so you can make them high or low-impact and you can go as easy or difficult as you like. Feeling tired? Slow it down. Want to get into a higher heart rate zone? Push faster and jump higher! Be sure you are thoroughly warmed up before beginning this workout so your joints and muscles are ready to fly!

Any Style Conditioning Back Legs Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Cardio 00:30:51

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Thank you!!! by Alicia on 3/8/17

Not only is this class perfctly challenging and fun, but it is 30 minutes! I have found that the classes I can use the most are in this time range and I love the option for a pure cardio work out. Keep the intense 30 minute focused classes coming please! Maybe an intense 30 pilates class;)

Ashley Lopez:

Hi Alicia, I love the 30-minute format! And I love the idea of 30-minute Pilates! I'll see if I can get that in the next filming session. :D

This is excellent Ashley! by Doc Goreblot on 2/17/17

I managed to get my EXACT %90 heart rate on the dot! That's crazy, right on the money! yea!

Ashley Lopez:


ASHLEY!!!!!!!!! by Lin Sanders on 2/12/17

One day you're gonna kill me momma! Whhooooo! Much needed perfect timing!! Love ya!

Ashley Lopez:

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right!? :P

Super effective! by Liberty on 2/11/17

What a great workout. I did this yesterday. I've been trying to get my weight down a little since the new year, but haven't had much luck. I'd lose 2 lbs, gain a pound, lose a half lb, gain 3. You know how it goes. This morning I am down almost 6 pounds from where I was a week ago! I will be using this video regularly. Thanks again Ashley, and DO, for yet another great video! xx

Ashley Lopez:

Woooooo!!!! I love intervals for cardio health and losing body fat--so good for both!

Woo! by Carol Ramsey on 2/9/17

30 minutes, I said. How hard can it be? I said. Famous last words. Lol. I'm dripping sweat! Thanks, Ashley!

SoOOOooo happy to have this!!!! by Celine on 2/6/17

This workout is exactly what I needed! My legs need this type of conditioning so badly! It feels like years of neglect. Thanks for gving me hope! :D :D

Ashley Lopez:

Yay! Great job! So happy to help. :}

Nice workout! by Bellydancehead on 2/2/17

I enjoyed this workout a lot. I felt so energized after it! Thank you Ashley for this wonderful workout!
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