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Brain Teasing Complex Hip Movements

Teacher: Tamalyn Dallal

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2018-02-20 07:41:46 2018-02-20 08:41:46 America/Los_Angeles Brain Teasing Complex Hip Movements Brain Teasing Complex Hip Movements https://daturaonline.com/brain-teasing-complex-hip-movement https://daturaonline.com/brain-teasing-complex-hip-movement

Video Description: This belly dance workshop teaches some of Tamalyn Dallal's signature complex and brain teasing hip movements. Included in this workshop are one hip movements focusing on combinations of crescents, circles, drops and one hip figure eights. "7 Leagues Under the Sea", is a signature dynamic movement that Tamalyn developed that is deceptively simple. She shares the secrets to accessing her "Crazy Shimmies" and finishes the workshop with a twisting shimmy undulation that also doubles as a wonderful internal massage.

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Fun and educational by Lydia on 3/27/16

Absolutely loved this workshop! Tamalyn explains body mechanics very clearly and makes juicy hip movements easy to achieve.

Fabulous, informative class and innovative movement! by Rachel Brice on 12/2/15

Tamalyn, thank you so much for your class! I especially love your "one hip" series and created one of my favorite combos incorporating your movement. Thank you!

Awesome by Sara on 9/5/14

LOVED this practice! So much fun, and so inspiring. Thank you! :)

AHA by Cheese on 4/17/14

Had a few questions answered. Love it when instructors tell which muscle groups to focus on. 7 leagues is a fun movement

Great and challenging by Milica on 4/2/14

Challenging lesson, I'm advanced dancer, but in the middle I had to do practice again the first 20 minutes, to be able to continue :)

Body teasing by Anna on 1/5/14

Not just brain teasing... Wow, I realised I need to study harder ;-)

Saucy by Raine on 12/29/13

I had fun with these movements, especially 7 leagues under the sea.
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