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Belly Dance Flow Drills #2

Teacher: Zoe Jakes

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2018-03-19 17:59:12 2018-03-19 18:59:12 America/Los_Angeles Belly Dance Flow Drills #2 Belly Dance Flow Drills #2 https://daturaonline.com/belly-dance-flow-drills-2 https://daturaonline.com/belly-dance-flow-drills-2

Video Description: The trifecta of a strong dancer is technique, strength, and flexibility. In this Tribal Fusion belly dance workshop expect new and creative drills for your own personal practice. All aspects of movement will be touched on from inside out, from head to hips, encouraging use of breath, energy and connection.

Belly Dance Flow Drills 2 follows the same format as the original flow drills with new foot and arm patterns. Vinyasa yoga is interspersed throughout this workshop to prevent injury and support endurance. The goal of the flow drills series is to impart a solid foundation of dance movement with high impact and high energy drills to develop strong, versatile dancers equipped for a variety of belly dance styles.

Any Style Yoga Conditioning Drills Hips Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Cardio 01:44:41

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<3<3<3 by Kelly on 9/21/17

I haven't made it through this one yet, but I just have to say that your descriptions are awesome. Hungry Hungry Hippo is the perfect description XD

More Please! by dk on 8/13/17

Loved this!! Would love it if Zoe could make a one-hour drills video so that it's easier to incorporate into a work week if possible. <3

Whooooo! by Lin Sanders on 12/3/16

That was great! I feel great after these flow drillz! Thanks!

wow!! by zoe on 12/2/14

i was always afraid of this one, but finally did it, and it's da bomb!!! thanks so much, more more!!

Perfect one-stop-shop practice ;) by Corina on 10/13/14

Any time I can't make it into a studio or just get too busy and fall off the (dance) wagon, this is my go-to to get my body moving and flowing again. Thank you Zoe, I love and appreciate you sharing your gift with us ~*~

love it!!!!! by Mari on 5/20/14

Absolutely looove this workout! Question: does anyone knows which is the name of the first first song that Zoe dances? I think is not included in the playlist... Thanks for the video!!!!

Whew! by Tamara on 5/11/14

Really liked the yoga between work outs. Gave a chance to reset the mind and body. Will be working on some of the balance and stretch challenges as well as the locking combination. Great regular work out. I feel accomplished, but ready for more. :-)

thank you! by zoe on 5/10/14

this was perfect, i really loved it!! thank you!

loved it :)) by Shilpa on 5/5/14

Fantastic! Since I was in tune with Flow #1 , this was sooo much fun. And I really appreciate the time allotted for the mat & water. No more scurrying around. Thank you so much for this video!

<3 by Raine on 5/2/14

That was amazing. I was living for the locking combination, more please! <3
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