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Belly Dance Flow Drills

Teacher: Zoe Jakes

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2017-07-23 07:44:37 2017-07-23 08:44:37 America/Los_Angeles Belly Dance Flow Drills Belly Dance Flow Drills http://daturaonline.com/zoe-jakes-belly-dance-flow-drills http://daturaonline.com/zoe-jakes-belly-dance-flow-drills

Video Description: Belly Dance Flow Drills have been created for the dedicated dancer as a means to drill almost all dance movements for a well-rounded daily practice. In this workshop Zoe will encourage a balance of strength, flexibility, and Fusion technique, utilizing sun salutations, Pilates, and good old fashioned belly dance. This practice will make you sweat, so drink lots of water, and you'll need a yoga mat and a towel.

Fusion Yoga Conditioning Drills Technique Hips Footwork Legs Cardio 02:19:48

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this is the best!! by Artemisia on 5/3/17

Added challenge! Navigate around a stubborn cat during the 3/4 shimmy series!

Highly recommend by Carol Ramsey on 3/23/17

This workout literally covers every bellydance related concept. It is truly a complete practice. :) love it so much!

Totally work out!! by Dary Herrera on 2/27/17

I only had 40 minutes to practice today, but wow, it was intense and fun to do, the music was awesome too!!!

WOO! by Bedora Noire on 1/13/17

How did you always know when I was thinking about stopping? :P But I did it! Wooo! Thank you Zoe!!

Extremely good workshop! by Bellydance head on 9/20/16

I started doing this today and it's awesome! I did only around 1 h 30 minutes, but I will do the rest another day after warm up. I was so surprised how I could do moves using the right muscles, of course there were lots of areas to work but it´s always pretty cool when you master something you thought was impossible. I guess it's the superb instruction :) I guess this will become a workshop I will do at least in parts very often. Thank you so much Zoe for sharing this practice with us! :)

Great Practice by Tamara Djinnise on 8/22/16

What I like about this practice in particular is that there are areas that I need to continue to perfect and each time that I revisit, I am able to work on those areas. There is enough variety and cool downs to keep you going steady. Just be sure you are free of distractions. Thanks Zoe!

WOOOOOW by Kiri on 11/8/15

Amazing! Thank you for sharing this. Im going to eat my veggies, from now on!

right on! by Marie on 10/11/15

I love the class AND the music - well done and lots of fun. A real challenge that I want to rise to - so much packed in there! A feast!

Great class! by Carolin on 5/17/15

I LOVE this video! I've been training with it for the last two months and the changes in my dance are very visible. It is really fun and challenging. The only thing I would criticize is the music, some of the songs become a little bit annoying after listening to them (almost) every day. I wish there was a more neutral music, but the rest of the video is perfect! Thank you Zoe!

Excellent by Renee on 5/3/14

Great class. I love the mix of yoga and dance drills. I love how you layer moves. I have not done it without stopping yet. So much to learn in this video that i can do it over and over without getting bored. Thanks! with this video I feel like i got my moneys worth with the membership.

Oh man!! by Kayla on 4/12/14

Thank you!! This is hardcore! Cant wait until I can go all the way through without stopping! Been alternating between the first and second hour. Thank you!

The "Vegetables" of my Practice! by Francesca on 1/2/14

Doing this workshop 3-5 times a week has greatly improved my flexibility, strength, and layering abilities. And I am visibly seeing the changes!! Zoe isn't kiddin' around when she says that. It helps that I feel fantastic afterwards. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!

Feeling good by Linda on 10/14/13

Awesome workout, After doing this almost daily I'm feeling good and a little more co-ordinated. Feeling more flexiable too. Thanks Zoe

Great Class!!! by Sara on 8/25/13

This class is so awesome, I want to do it all the time! I really feel how much it is helping me improve!

Thank you so much! by CINDY on 7/27/13

I am a beginner and I love the fact that this challenged me yet I was able to modify for my level. Also I did this video on my phone and you explain things so well it was no problem. Thanks so much!

Thank you! by Cindy on 6/21/13

I've noted a real change in my dance after committing to this practice at least once a week. Great workout, love Zoe's attitude. Thank you again!

IN LOVE! by Adriana on 6/20/13

I enjoy so much getting my butt kicked by Zoe, it's a guilty pleasure! Thanks D.O.!

BEST PRACTICE EVER by Lopinator on 6/8/13

Has seriously changed my dancing, you rock mizz Z!

Yaaaah! by Delphine on 5/14/13

So much fun ! Really love this practice ! My body is so happy :) Many thanks from France

YES! by Janine on 4/18/13

This is preparing me for the workshop on May 5th in New York! Can't Wait!

Wow! by Rebecca on 3/23/13

This practise is sooo much fun and it includes many challenges to work on. Thanks for all the crazy bits, I love it!

Endorphin Rush by Raine on 2/27/13

This practice was a lot of fun. This one helped me challenge myself. I was dancing with Danielle most of the video, but I was able to surprise myself by doing the full version on a few exercises. I like that Zoe kept telling me to keep going, it definitely helped.

Just what I was looking for by Heather <3 on 2/23/13

This is a great comprehensive practice! Challenging and engaging. Thank you!

Amazing by Cynthia on 2/22/13

I've done this practice 3 times this week already -- my body feels incredible -- Zoe is so inspiring and I feel like I can already see positive changes in my dance. It's hard to get bored because you're always switching it up and challenging yourself. Thank you!

Ms. by Laura on 2/18/13

It's great how she has the other dancer there to show the beginner version. I wish all teachers could do this!

PHEW! by Brooke on 2/18/13

Great class! Just when I would start losing it, you gave a word of encouragement. I love the challenge & want to master this practice!

Thanks!! This will definitely be a regular practice. by Jennifer on 2/17/13

Seriously though, this was awesome. I got my butt kicked, but it wasn't so much that I wanted to just give up. Thanks!! This will definitely be a regular practice.

I LOVED IT by zoe on 2/17/13

thank you!! it will be a great regular practice :)

YAY by Victoria on 2/16/13

Love this! Such a great workout, I felt like my whole body was involved in some kind of movement depending on what drill was focused on at each point and now im extremely relaxed afterwards! Thanks!
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