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Yoga Practice for Belly Dance

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-07-23 07:43:31 2017-07-23 08:43:31 America/Los_Angeles Yoga Practice for Belly Dance Yoga Practice for Belly Dance http://daturaonline.com/yoga-for-belly-dance http://daturaonline.com/yoga-for-belly-dance

Video Description: This basic full yoga practice was designed for belly dancers, but could be useful for anyone. Practicing regularly will improve your posture, increase spinal fluidity and flexibility, promote stability and lubrication in the joints, and cultivate strong legs.

Yoga Warm Up Conditioning Ribs + Chest Cool Down Legs Stretch + Strengthen Body Region 00:43:21

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Ms by Ivette on 10/30/16

I loved it! My first experience with yoga, was challenging but i'm feeling so relaxed and works on muscles that we need strong for Bellydance. Thanks Rachel! I admire your dance and teaching! Awesome

Wonderful Practice by Barbara on 8/16/16

This is a fabulous sequence; perfect for stretching, re-centering, and relaxing. I'm so glad I tried it! Thank you so much!

Loved It!! by SaraBeth on 8/8/16

Just the right practice at the end of a long day of sitting. My upper back and shoulders thank you. Namaste!

Mooooorrrrrrrrrrrre! by Jess Russell-Davies on 7/25/16

I love this so much. Please, Rachel, please make a lush two-hour practice! Your yoga is sooo nice! Please for can haz a two-hour one! Pleeeease! These 10-min-to-45-min ones are great and they are stopping me from falling apart, but a really long one would be so freaking good. PS - Pleeeeeeease! xoxo

Very Good! by Kim Sakkara on 6/6/16

Really needed this after a long day in front of the computer. Thank you!

So relaxing! by Shuvani Safir on 5/20/16

I fell asleep on my mat during the final relaxation pose, woke up few hours later - feels great! Love this class after long workday! Thank you, Rachel! =)

Stretchy goodness by Isa on 3/17/16

Love this video. It helps me reset my focus and get my body back together if I've been busy or not able to have a long practice for a few days. Always feel great afterwards. Thanks!

All stretched out and ready to go! by Joanna Ashleigh on 12/5/15

I just love to use this video as a calming pre-performance stretch and strengthen practice. It works wonders. Thanks Rachel!

Rachel Brice:

Well you are so welcome! Thank you!

GREAT!! by Kiri on 11/20/15

Thank you. This yoga practice!!!!! IT FEEEL SOOOO GOOOOOD!

Rachel Brice:

Yay, yoga!

Love, Love, Love!!! by Sara on 8/9/15

This is a GREAT yoga practice!!!!! Anytime my body is out of whack I do this practice and I feel put back together. Thanks :-)!

Keep Coming Back by Tamara on 8/9/15

I probably have come back to this video more often then others. Yoga is the foundation for our dance and regular practice does make a difference - not just in dance but in our whole life.

Rachel Brice:

Thank you, Tamara!

Great Yoga-Class! by Kazuha on 12/31/14

This was my perfect last workout for this year. I love the pace and the repetitions. I feel wonderful now. Thank You!

Rachel Brice:

Wonderful to hear that! Yoga saved my life. No joke.

Great Yoga Practice! by Sara on 4/28/14

I just love this practice! It always makes me feel better! :-)

Great by Tamara on 2/15/14

This practice sure got me in the "zone." I am relaxed, strong and centered, ready to take on the rest of the day.

Realtor by Michele on 1/7/14

Hey Rachel, nicely done. Looking forward to starting my mornings with this one for January.

Wonderful! by Faith on 6/26/13

Thanks for another great practice! I love Rachel's yoga instruction--it's so concise and easy-to-follow. I always end my time feeling so relaxed and refreshed.

Thanks by Delphine on 5/14/13

Perfect for my sunday practice :)

Perfect :) by Laura on 4/3/13

Relaxing yet invigorating - lovely! Thanks :)

Yoga Practice by Victoria on 4/1/13

This yoga practice is perfect for the beginning of my dance week and at the end of my dance week. It prepares my body for dance and brings my body back to a natural relaxed state. Love it!

Just what I needed by Rachel O. on 2/9/13

After a week of training, this is just what I needed to keep my body (and mind!) active but relaxed. Thank you muchly!

* by Rachel on 11/26/12

Just did this - awesome!

Loved it! by Jane C. on 11/26/12

Tried this out today and absolutely loved it! Thanks.

Missis by Fi on 11/22/12

Love this! This is exactly what i need! Some days i am just sooo up for doing a Yoga class and feeling all stretched and fantastic! Thanks guys :)
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