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Start It Up: Week 1, Session 2

Teachers: Ashley Lopez, Sedona Soulfire, Zoe Jakes and Amy Sigil

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2017-07-23 07:44:21 2017-07-23 08:44:21 America/Los_Angeles Start It Up: Week 1, Session 2 Start It Up: Week 1, Session 2 http://daturaonline.com/week1-session2-start-it-up http://daturaonline.com/week1-session2-start-it-up

Video Description: In session 2, we'll start out with a pep talk from Amy Sigil to get you ready for your practice. You'll begin your practice by warming up energetically with Sedona, who will take you through some basic belly dance isolations, followed by belly roll practice with Zoe, and Ashley will help you end this session with a cool down.

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Any Style Technique Tools 1:14:20

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awesome! by Evil Shai Hulud on 6/9/17

really enjoyed this one. The belly roll section was so good. Great techniques to help find those muscles! I will definitely be using them. Thank you everyone in this video!!

Awesome Lesson by Sentara on 7/6/14

I always wanted to learn the belly roll technique. You explained it really well and gave great tips on executing the movements!

great lesson by Carrie on 6/10/14

Zoe, please don't ever stop being a weirdo.

very good by Sofia on 4/25/14

I personally dont have much problems with the belly rolls (i was able to do it since i was a kid without practice). I do need practice to control them though, but this class has a lot of good tips if you are having trouble with your belly rolls. It is actually something hard to teach, and Zoe you are so funny. .OMG, I did not expect that. The yogi thing was very good too, felt nice.
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