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Vintage Inspired Combinations and Zil Compositions

Teacher: Zoe Jakes

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2017-06-26 17:29:57 2017-06-26 18:29:57 America/Los_Angeles Vintage Inspired Combinations and Zil Compositions Vintage Inspired Combinations and Zil Compositions http://daturaonline.com/vintage-inspired-combinations-and-zil-compositions http://daturaonline.com/vintage-inspired-combinations-and-zil-compositions

Video Description: This workshop showcases four vintage inspired combinations that can be done with or without finger cymbals, inspired by the vintage belly dance of the west coast tribal lineage of Jamila Salimpour and Katarina Burda. The stylization is earthy glamour: feet rooted firmly to the floor while executing more modern pops and locks, mixing juicy 70's influenced old school with cutting edge Tribal Fusion vocabulary. Zoe will detail the movement phrases, break down the finger cymbal patterns, and then put them together in a dance based drill. A warm up is strongly recommended before attempting this class.

Fusion Combinations Musicality Hips Footwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Zils 02:02:01

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It Takes Time to Learn, but Worth It. by Tamara Ferrante on 5/31/16

Thank you Zoe, for these challenging combos. They are fun, interesting and different. That is what I love about them, but boy - thank God for video! It is impossible for me to memorize the sequence of movements without drilling each part first and slowly adding steps and then drilling again. I am still struggling - or growing shall we say - and aim to make it through this whole video soon! I can't wait. Rewind, review and reward!

Thankyou!! by Shilpa on 6/7/15

Thankyou so much for sharing these fantastic combinations..I was watching your 'House of Tarot" creations..I saw these combinations being used so beautifully..for a second I could feel what you guys were feeling up there..had tears in my eyes..honest..godbless you..<3

Thank you by Aradia on 3/7/15

Thank you for sharing the legacy techniques & combos. Much loved, and very challenging!

Loving eeeeeet! by Melanie S. on 1/8/15

I love how there are Reda and Salimpour combos in this alongside classic tribal fusion elements and a bit of Unmata for good measure. Its as good as chilli chocolate.
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