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"Veil of Tears": An Original Choreography

Teacher: Zoe Jakes

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2017-06-26 17:29:33 2017-06-26 18:29:33 America/Los_Angeles "Veil of Tears": An Original Choreography "Veil of Tears": An Original Choreography http://daturaonline.com/veil-of-tears http://daturaonline.com/veil-of-tears

Video Description: This is an original belly dance choreography by Zoe Jakes to the Beats Antique song "Veil of Tears", created for intermediate to advanced dancers. It includes traveling foot patterns, spins, layering sections, Fusion locking patterns, and some vintage stylization.

Fusion Musicality Choreography Hips Body Region Movement Elements 01:30:00

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Ms. by Snapdragon on 1/20/16

Zoe! This is so beautiful! I am not sure how I'm gonna pull it off but I'm determined to learn this even if it takes me months. I find myself mesmerized every time I see your performances, so I just decided to take the plunge and just do it! Wish me luck!

Zoe you rock! by AREENA on 11/5/15

This has been the most challenging difficult choreography I've learnt so far I'm going to be performing at my friends wedding still need to ace the barrel turn never done it before! I want to say thank you so much I really like the way you go through each steps slowly and super clear breaking it down and made it much easier to understand and do than it looks.

love this choreography! by Shilpa on 4/19/15

I have come to section four as far as the lay out is concerned,its beautiful, really,I just love the music and rhythm being used so beautifully, the zoe way :)..I keep dancing in my mind when my legs get tired..Thankyou so much for this beauitful dance..really..x

Egyptic by Shilpa on 4/6/15

I know I am being greedy lol but hope someday you will share your Egyptic Choreography :)x .Just a thought...x

lovvveeee it ! by Shilpa on 4/6/15

My gosh its soooooooooooooooobeautiful! thankyou so much my beautiful angel of dance ,for this video :)).

Wow!!! by zoe on 3/16/15

This is an amazing dance!! I'm so excited, thank you!!!

Love it! by Rebecca on 3/11/15

Zoe, this is awesome! Can't wait to start!
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