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Up-Tempo Locks and Isolations

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-07-25 05:52:48 2017-07-25 06:52:48 America/Los_Angeles Up-Tempo Locks and Isolations Up-Tempo Locks and Isolations http://daturaonline.com/up-tempo-locks-and-isolations-class http://daturaonline.com/up-tempo-locks-and-isolations-class

Video Description: This belly dance class presents a combination that includes a simple Fusion isolation pattern, hip work, a traveling step, and a bit of a theatrical ending. It was created to be used over and over for several months, so it begins simply and increases tempo three times so you can work at your current speed and level. We begin with a yoga-based conditioning sequence for the upper back, and end with support for your hips.

Fusion Technique Fundamentals Hips Isolations Hipwork Legs Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:40:40

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Nice combo by Juliana on 1/15/15

I like this combo and it's not too hard to pick up. Although I did do the medium/fast section a few times, before going on to the very fast one. It's nice how these quite classical movements can be put together to look tribal.

Rachel Brice:

Thanks Juliana!

Pssssst..... by Jess on 8/26/13

If you really like this one, RB's Hipwork and Level Changes class is awesome fun in the same kind of way! ;) It starts out slowly and builds on each previous movement so you can get the hang of it and then increases in speed. Go do it...seriously!

Rachel Brice:

Aw, thanks Jess! Glad you like that one.

Warning: addictive! by Jessica on 8/24/13

This class is so much fun that I just did it three times in a row. :)

Rachel Brice:

Ha ha, awesome!

Beginner Love! by Doe on 2/6/13

This was so much fun, even on the first run through! Thanks for explaining this so well and starting out so slowly! Thank you so much Rachel!

Rachel Brice:

You are so welcome!

Simple and fun by Mala on 8/31/12

This s a well chosen combo in a drill that starts out slow and speeds right up. I totally enjoyed it and internalized it, probably forever! More of these would be great.

Rachel Brice:

Good to know, will put in my idea box. Thank you!

Complete newbie by Stacey on 8/31/12

I've only done this class a couple of times and I'm hooked! The way Rachel breaks down the movements makes it so much easier to follow. This class is going to be on "repeat" for awhile : )

I love this class! by Natasha on 8/25/12

I love this class! I've never really been able to get choreography but the way Rachel breaks it down it just clicks and it's amazing!!

Pop lock and Turkish drop it! by Aylan on 8/25/12

Pop lock and Turkish drop it!

I've done this one several times & love it! by Sigal on 8/25/12

I've done this one several times & love it! I love the way Rachel strings the choreography together as she teaches each new move, makes it so much easier to remember! :)
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