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Full Lesson 1: Unmata's Level 1 Slow ITS - Taxims

Teacher: Amy Sigil

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2017-07-25 05:50:33 2017-07-25 06:50:33 America/Los_Angeles Full Lesson 1: Unmata's Level 1 Slow ITS - Taxims Full Lesson 1: Unmata's Level 1 Slow ITS - Taxims http://daturaonline.com/unmatas-level-1-slow-its-vocabulary-lesson-1 http://daturaonline.com/unmatas-level-1-slow-its-vocabulary-lesson-1

Video Description: Amy Sigil presents Unmata's Level 1 Slow ITS vocabulary. Lesson one will cover low, mid, and high taxims, taxim transitions, and 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 turns. This belly dance class includes a warm up, technique, drill, and an inspiring pep-talk to work out your mind as well as your body!

ITS Fundamentals Hips Vocabulary Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:59:10

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Speed problems by Dary Herrera on 3/7/17

This is so beautiful, I have problems with speed and tempo and to be force to slow down the movement is a really challenge to me! I love it!!!!! Totally awesome class

Every day's a school day. by Kash on 1/30/13

Tried this tonight as an "out of my style and comfort zone" thing, just to get moving and drill, thought it would be easy :D Quite a challenge for the brains, really loved it, got me thinking about things I had never looked at in quite this way before. Great lesson. Also, LOVE the warmup.

Thanks by Gisela on 12/25/12

Thanks a LOT....it`s so clear!!! That Elbow rotation explanation change my world!! :)

Lesson 1 Unmata Slow Vocabulary by Sabrina on 12/13/12

This video was amazing and created a huge CLICK in my brain when she explained the different things throughout. If you ever have the chance to take a workshop with Amy and Unmata..do it. It inspired me to continue dancing. :)

Thanks! by Kate on 12/11/12

That's what I need. Counts, degrees, everything is so clear and logical. Thank you so much, Amy!

Great by Rosie Hutton on 11/18/12

Loved the arm explanations! Thank you for allowing me to dance with you guys too!

Elbow Rotation by Martha on 11/18/12

I agree that was a great explanation of the elbow rotation required for that look of "boneless arm movement." It helped me understand what I have been seeing but have not been able to duplicate exactly. Thanks so much for another great lesson and thanks to Amy Sigil for being part of this site!

Wow That elbow rotation by Morganna on 11/16/12

the Elbow rotation......I never had that explained before.... incredible

Thanks by Doe on 11/11/12

I have watched the first lesson a few times now. Thank you so much for counting it out. It really helped. I am going to get some velcro and stick my heels to the floor. Wonderful lessons!

Beginner in Awe by Monique on 11/8/12

Just... wow.
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