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Sedona Soulfire

Sedona Soulfire

Ever since she was a young girl, dancing has been Sedona’s purest and most authentic expression. Called the “dance-dance-dance-dance-dancing baby” by her parents, she took the stage for her first performance at the age of four.

After studying ballet and jazz in her youth and teenage years, she turned her focus toward acting and theatre, attending The American Academy of Dramatic Arts: one of the country’s first and most elite conservatories. In the years following her graduation, as she continued to study a wide variety of dance forms, she earned an apprenticeship at an esteemed modern dance school on the Hawaiian Islands. Her passionate desire to connect spirituality with movement inspired her to undergo the teacher training program at the Integral Yoga Institute, where she received her certification. After this, it wasn’t long before she made her most monumental discovery: Belly Dance. Deeply moved by the sacred history, rich cultural essence, and transformative power of the dance, she finally found her ideal medium. Since then, she has devoted herself completely to becoming the best dancer she can be while also working to preserve and elevate the art form. Teachers with whom she has studied intensively with: Suhaila Salimpour, Rachel Brice, Aida Nour of Cairo, Madam Ruby Sowder, Aziza, and Rachel George. She is the founding member and driving force behind the Belly Dance Soulfire Dance Company. Additionally, she holds a number of prestigious Belly Dance titles and appears on multiple performance and instructional DVDs. 

In her quest to infuse her dance with the spiritual and sacred, she has also studied Odissi Temple Dance at the Shakti School of Dance in Rajasthan, India, received her Level One Reiki Certification, and is an initiate of the Divine Birth Mystery teachings. In addition to performance and workshop instruction, she produces theatrical Belly Dance shows, leads women’s wellness events, and teaches weekly Belly Dance classes in Portland, Oregon.

For more information about Sedona visit: www.sedonasoulfire.com.

For a sample performance video check out the Performance Videos page.

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