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Super Smokin' Combos

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2017-07-22 05:47:38 2017-07-22 06:47:38 America/Los_Angeles Super Smokin' Combos Super Smokin' Combos http://daturaonline.com/super-smokin-combos http://daturaonline.com/super-smokin-combos

Video Description: In this workshop Sedona will cover three contemporary cabaret stylized combinations. These combinations will include some of the most luscious cabaret style movements: vertical hip circles, undulations and large hip bumps. Sedona will add some spice and sizzle to these combos by incorporating frames, dramatic poses, traveling foot patterns, turns, and weight shifts. Make sure you are properly warmed up before taking this class.

American Cabaret Drills Technique Combinations Hips Footwork Isolations Hipwork Undulations Movement Technique Tools Spins + Turns 01:51:34

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